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Adam Grant

Top Dialects of the Portuguese Language


As its name suggests, Portugal is the birthplace of the Portuguese language. Nowadays, however, the vast majority of Portuguese speakers live outside of Portugal. Brazil alone has about 200 million Portuguese speakers, which is about twenty times the entire population of Portugal! And aside from Brazil, Portuguese is spoken in African countries such as Angola(…)

Could You Handle a Social Event in a Second Language? (Part I)

Popping down to the shops to buy some bread and milk is a huge challenge when you are in a country where they speak a language you are learning. However, after a while you won’t  have to go home with eggs and shoe polish instead and will be able to order what you actually want(…)

Don’t Be a Baby about Your Foreign Verbs (Part I)

When you learn a foreign language the verbs are likely to be among the trickiest parts of the process. It is only when you start to study a second language that you realise that you need to start off by speaking like a baby all over again. However, there are some baby type mistakes you(…)

How to Use a Second Language to Make the Most of a Trip Abroad (Part I)

When you learn a foreign language you are sure to be excited about the thought of going abroad and practising it for real. This can be a daunting thought but once you travel to a country where it is spoken you will quickly realise how many exciting things you can do. Here are a few(…)

How Technology Can Help You Hone Your Languages Skills (Part II)

Play Online Games Since I mentioned games I might as well go on to talk about the fact that you can find internet games in a lot of different languages and you can even play some of them when you are far from home. This is a brilliant way of picking up new words without(…)

How Technology Can Help You Hone Your Languages Skills (Part I)

When you are studying a new language there are a number of things which can help you learn it more effectively. One area which you perhaps haven’t thought about yet is that of modern technology. I have to admit that I like to learn the old fashioned way but if you are more cutting edge(…)

What Weird Sports Will Your Language Skills Help You Play? (Part II)

Tamburello in Italy I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this game played yet but a friend who spends a lot of time in Italy told me about it. If you can imagine playing tennis with a tambourine then you have got a good imagination and you have just about pictured this game as well.(…)

What Weird Sports Will Your Language Skills Help You Play? (Part I)

It is all very well going to museums and enjoying a bit of culture but what if you really want to see people doing bizarre sporting activities while you are abroad? In fact, maybe you want to join in with some of these weird sports. If you do then learning the language is going to(…)

Pick up the Phone and Lose Your Language Fears (Part II)

The Radio Listening to the radio in a second language ain’t easy either. When I was first in South America I tried in vain to find the BBC World Service and ended up avoiding the radio for a long time after that. Finally, I gave it a go when I was bored one slow Sunday.(…)

Pick up the Phone and Lose Your Language Fears (Part I)

When you are learning a foreign language there are sure to be some situations you are less comfortable with than others. Talking to your teacher is going to be fine and you are sure to find other people you can happily converse with. However, what about those moments in which you would rather cower in(…)