Chris Lockie

Esperanto vs Fictional ConLang: Why is Fiction Winning?

TlhIngan Hol Dajatlh’a’? There’s a reasonable chance that most people looking at that will see not a sentence but the result of a terrible mid-air crash between a dictionary and a blender. However, an increasing number of people across the globe will recognise that as meaning ‘Do you speak Klingon?’ – a language popular among(…)

Transport and the Tourist: Top Phrases to Get Around in Brazil

In the age of cheap airfares and routes to almost everywhere in the world, getting to a foreign destination is a pretty simple business. But once you’re there, travelling from A to B within a country can be a daunting affair, with phrases to pick up and vocabulary to understand to make sure you don’t accidentally(…)

Bam Bam Brasil! The Top 6 Music Acts in Brazil Today

Brazil is the home of an astounding array of music, as was frequently explored during the World Cup of 2014. Some of the finest Brazilian musicians of all time were collected together on an exceptional album entitled ‘Sonzeira: Brasil Bam Bam Bam’, for which you’re strongly recommended to hunt bargain bins to pick up a(…)

Which Language Should I Learn? Spanish vs German

There are pros and cons to learning any language, and every language comes with its own set of difficulties. Some require you to learn an entirely new alphabet (we’re looking at you, Russian; get back here, Mandarin), while others involve the baffling problem of being a little too similar to another language you already know, which can lead to(…)

7 Words in Portuguese That Mean Something Else in Brazil

Interest in the World Cup may well lead to a few more prospective tourists looking across the Atlantic to Brazil as a potential holiday destination. Despite the host’s catastrophic end to the tournament it won’t take much for the country to rediscover its joy and flair in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de(…)

5 Misconceptions About the Spanish You Need to Forget

Stereotypes are everywhere, from the Frenchman with onions around his neck to the American without a passport. The Spanish are no exception and have their fair share of pre-conceived ideas to correct when visitors land on their shores. Here are a few things many people think about Spain and her citizens that turn out not(…)

8 Not-to-be-Missed Places In Germany

Though Germany’s history is as well known as any nation’s on the planet, it’s easy to forget that as a unified nation it stretches back less than a century and a half. Thankfully there are many more important and curious landmarks and sites to visit than you might expect from such a relatively young country.(…)