Clare Hopping

Language Family: How Knowing English Makes Learning Easier


Many Anglophones assume that English stands alone in the linguistic world, with few apparent similarities to other languages. This could not be further from the truth.

Crowdsourcing Indigenous Languages


When a community loses its language, it loses its jokes, rituals, prayers, ancient stories and larger cultural identity. Stated bluntly, native languages are an important part of who we are.

Calling All Young Linguists!: Get Ready for the International Linguistic Olympiad


Interested in word games and logic puzzles? Check out the International Linguistics Olympiad, a competition where young linguists from around the world solve challenging linguistics puzzles.

Why Language Will Keep Evolving


Some people are concerned that ‘minority languages’ such as Maltese will stop evolving and will eventually die off. We explore what the best options are to encourage the continued use of these languages, and whether or not a language can ever truly cease to evolve.

What Are Contact Clauses?


Although they are a fairly common feature of spoken and written English, contact clauses, a relative clause sub-type, may be difficult to grasp for students learning English. Relative Clauses Before investigating contact clauses, let’s first define the relative clause. A relative clause is a subordinate clause that consists of a subject and a verb, and it functions(…)

DuoLingo: Why – While An App Can Be Good – A Teacher Is Best


There is no doubt that language-learning apps are a great, convenient way to learn a new language. However, fluent language learning requires much more than a mobile app can offer.

The Building Blocks of the Finnish Language


Finnish is not difficult to learn, but it is certainly different from what English speakers are used to.