Katie Florian

Greece’s Finest Fares

Greece’s white washed walls, crystalline waters, and gorgeous landscapes have long made it a vacationer’s paradise, but after you’ve spent the day soaking up the sun’s heavenly rays, your stomach will be rumbling. As luck would have it, though, the hype is warranted when it comes to Greek cuisine. Check out our recommendations for Greece’s(…)

Punctuation and its Personality: How Texting has Transformed Language

Punctuation is recognised as being a somewhat mundane feature of written language. It has its uses – it organises sentences in ways that make them more understandable – but it isn’t particularly exciting. Yet, technological advances have made it so that we communicate far more via written language than we have in the past, and(…)

Learning a New Language? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!

Learning a new language is an endeavour for the dedicated. It requires time, energy, and inevitably, resilience because it can be very easy for your motivation to wane. In the long run it’s worth it,  but what’s the point if you never make it to a stage where you can actually converse with anyone? It’s(…)

What Do We Lose When a Language Dies?

Grandparents are often the best storytellers. They pull us into their laps, or let us crowd around their legs, and in their age-worn voices they recount memories and experiences from long ago that captivate us and leave us thirsting for more. Their stories are testimonies of the lives they’ve lived – the histories of our(…)

4 Words In English You Might Be Misusing

The English language, like any living language, is fluid. It changes to adapt to the needs of the speakers that use it – old words get thrown out, new ones get tossed in, and meanings get jumbled and confused. It can be frustrating for the language sticklers of the world when so many people misuse(…)

3 Perks of Being Multilingual in the Job Market

In a globalising era such as ours, speaking more than one language has its obvious advantages. You can converse with members of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds; you can traverse the world with a bit more ease; and you can talk about people in front of them without them even knowing. Come on, we’ve all(…)

5 Ways Learning a Second Language Can Enhance Your Life

It’s no secret that learning a second language can be incredibly useful. Being bilingual grants you the opportunity to converse with people of varying backgrounds and cultures, but language learning can be enriching in more ways than one – check out these five ways learning a second (or a third, or a fourth) language can(…)

Official Languages – Do They Help or Hurt? A Comparison Between South Africa and the USA

Language is a powerful social mechanism. It dictates how we frame our thoughts and ideas and breeds community among like-speaking individuals. But where language has the power to help us come together, it also has the power to break us apart, to outcast us, alienate us, and make us feel discriminated against and alone. Political(…)

Obscure English Words That Need to Make a Comeback

One of the first things you learn when studying language, particularly in a socio-cultural context, is that it refuses to be static. It ebbs and flows like the tide, allowing new words to rest upon the sandy shore, and reclaiming old ones, pulling them back to the shadowy depths. It is remarkably dynamic. It adapts(…)