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5 amazing tips to learn Portuguese with music

Learning Portuguese? Why not help your studies with music? Click here to get the best tips for using music to learn Portuguese!

Music is a great way to pick up a language! Songs are short so you can fit a little learning into your daily routine without pushing yourself, and music is readily available just about everywhere you turn! Why aren’t you using music already in your language studies? Here are some great ways music can help(…)

5 Brilliant Attention-Grabbing Movies to Learn Spanish

Click here to discover 5 amazing Netflix movie recommendations for learning Spanish!

With the myriad of streaming platforms available nowadays, there’s plenty of entertaining real-life materials you can use to learn Spanish. Actually, there are so many options to pick from that it boggles the mind. So, if you are looking for a way to pick up a little language to impress a colleague, or brush up(…)

5 Addictive French Films You Can Stream Right Now


Ah, Netflix. You may be cancelling half the shows we love or suggesting us things that show you really don’t know us at all. But you’re still our favourite place to go when we need something new to watch! Especially us language lovers. Where else would we go for films and shows in our target(…)

English Alternatives: The Most Common Second Languages to Learn


English might be the most popular second language for people around the world to learn, but it certainly isn’t the only one. And this makes sense, right? We live in a society where people are constantly moving, and that often means relocation for jobs, remote working, communication with overseas clients, etc. There is definitely more(…)

Language Distinction: Going Dutch and Coming Back Afrikaans


In the same way that everyone knows the words to Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” without knowing how, why or where we learned the lyrics, everyone also knows that Dutch is closely related to Afrikaans (maybe some of you know “Living On A Prayer” in Dutch and Afrikaans; if that’s the case, we want(…)

6 Podcasts That Will Make Your French Skills Soar

What are the best podcasts to learn French

It seems like just about everyone we speak to has a favourite podcast. And since we aren’t people who like to miss an opportunity, we are combining our love of podcasts with our passion for languages. Why not combine two incredible things into something fun! Podcasts are a super convenient way to learn, since you(…)

6 Places Where You Can Practice Your Russian


If you have an interest in learning Russian, then you’ll be pleased to hear you aren’t alone! Russian is a UN language, has some incredibly literary works that translations of just can’t do justice, and amongst other reasons people cite for learning this language, provides great work opportunities as well! But if you’re looking to(…)

5 incredible films to help you learn Portuguese

Learning Portuguese? Why not watch some Portuguese films to check what you already know, and improve your studies further? Watching films is an easy way to get used to how a language sounds, pick up some new vocabulary, and have the perfect guidance on pronunciation. All from the comfort of your couch! Not sure where(…)

Understanding UK accents: Manchester and Mancunian


The British accent can be a confusing one to understand, particularly as it varies so much depending on where you are in the country. If you’re as bemused as we are by some of our friends from across the pond then this is the post for you. We’re taking a look at some of the(…)

Understand UK accents per region: Cockney/London


Learning English is a particularly tricky language to learn for all the versions of English you can learn; British, American, Australian, and so on. And that doesn’t even take into consideration all the dialects and accents! So here we are, picking these accents apart one at a time trying to get to the more difficult(…)