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5 great films to help you learn German

Learning German? There are many great movies that you can watch to improve your German skills. Click here to discover the best films to help you learn German!

So, you’re learning German, but you have a lot to do and never find the time to practise. We hear you! Why not find a German film to watch? Films are a great way to learn a new language, giving you exposure to pronunciation, colloquialisms, and a range of accents and dialects. So, where do(…)

South Africa’s “white only” places


South Africa is a diverse nation with a mix of languages, cultures, religions, and of course, origins. It is a popular tourist destination and a great place to do business, known as the rainbow nation and home to places like Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and Table Mountain. It is also home to a number(…)

3 great newspapers to help you learn English


Newspapers are a great source when learning a language. You get the most current of news using the most modern language, and might learn a thing or two that is relevant along the way besides! No more stuffy textbooks for you! If you are learning English, here are some of the best newspapers to help.(…)

Two great newspapers to help you learn French


Newspapers are an incredible resource when you are learning a language. No, seriously. Even if you find world news currently too miserable and foreboding, there is something interesting (or even maybe escapist?) to read in our newspapers. Don’t believe us? Then let us try to convince you! Here are some newspapers written in French that(…)

Best newspapers to help you learn Portuguese


Newspapers are one of the best sources of realia when learning a language. You get the most up to date news that you’ve probably heard about already in your own language so you’ll get the gist even if you don’t know all the words. The language is up to date instead of like the language(…)

Two great newspapers to help you learn Mandarin


When you are learning a foreign language, sometimes the most rewarding feeling is to be able to pick up something written for its native speakers, and being able to understand it yourself. This is why newspapers make for such great study sources. You get up to date news that you probably have an idea of(…)

Four great newspapers to help you learn Spanish


The best way to learn any language is to take your study material from a range of sources, both those intended for language students and those for native speakers. Newspapers are perfect for this! They can be a great way to gauge how your studies are going, and teach you the most current vocabulary as(…)

4 Best Newspapers To Help You Learn Arabic


Newspapers are one of the best resources you can use when learning a language. By reading the very latest news you’ll expose yourself to the most relevant language, gaining an understanding through a range of Arabic speakers. Learning Arabic and want to know which newspapers to look for? We can help! Here are the best(…)

Hanukkah words and phrases


Hanukkah is here! Time to celebrate this festival of light and all the things that go with it; from menorah lighting to stuffing our faces with latkes. Though since we’re language people, what about some of the language surrounding this festive season? Here are some words and phrases associated with Hanukkah.     Kislev —(…)

Netflix at Christmas: how to use the festive season to practice a language


If you’re subscribed to Netflix you’ve probably been bombarded with Christmas things since about mid-September. You would be forgiven for being sick of the sight of tinsel already as a result! Though now the season is almost upon us, perhaps it’s time to put Netflix to good use. Especially if you’re learning languages since streaming(…)