Kev Woodward

5 Top Tips for Child-Friendly Days Out in Beijing


 Keeping the kids occupied on holiday can be quite hard going, especially if you want to see the historical and cultural sights the destination has to offer. China’s bustling crowds makes things particularly difficult with the little ones in tow. Take a look at how you can combine kid friendly activities whilst seeing what you(…)

The 5 Best Drinks in Spain


Sunshine and Sangria! Quick ­– what country are you thinking of ? Yes indeed, Spain. So if you fancy lounging poolside with a drink in hand, here are a few ideas – our take on the five best drinks in Spain, in no particular order: 1. Aguas frescas Translated as fresh waters, this beverage makes our(…)

The Insider’s Guide to Clothing and Shoe Sizes in France


Have you ever noticed how the French seem to be snappy dressers? Seeing the Parisians stepping out in what appear to be their ‘Sunday Best’ just to go to work can really make you want to head to the nearest clothes shop and spend, spend, spend! When you get there, be sure to have the(…)

How to Get Married in France: the Legal Process


France is a country noted for its bureaucracy – a permit for this; a licence for that; certification for the other and all documents nicely rubber stamped! You need to prove pretty much everything when dealing with the State. Getting married in France is no exception so you need to be well organised with the(…)

7 Top Tips for Surviving a Traditional French Wedding


I attended a French conversation class for several years. During one of those classes, our teacher’s sister told us about her traditional Breton wedding. It involved a vast amount of singing, dancing and consuming vast quantities of food, wine (and Calvados from the neighbouring region of Normandy). She confessed that she ate and drank so(…)