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Mishka Grobler

I Moustache You a Question, But I’m Shaving It For Later


Fact: Police in India get paid more if they grow moustaches The moustache: that little strip of hair above a man’s (or the occasional woman’s) top lip. How much power does such a small thing hold? Quite a bit, would be the answer of district chief of police Mayank Jain. He believes the whiskers on(…)

The Czech Republic’s Creepiest Creation – The Church of Bones


Fact: A chapel in the Czech Republic uses about 50 000 human skeletons as decoration From the outside it looks like any other small town Roman Catholic chapel, the graves of the buried scattered around the gardens. Little can you tell from the outside that the bones of the dead have been strung up, pinned(…)

Man Escapes Death 7 Times: Lucky… or Cursed?


Fact: A Croatian music teacher cheated death 7 times and then won the $1 million lottery Frano Selak: music teacher by day… James Bond by night? It certainly seems that way for the 84-year-old from Petrinja, Croatia. His long list of narrow escapes started in 1962, when the train he was traveling on to Dubrovnik(…)

When No Means…Yes?


Fact: Nodding in Bulgaria means “no” Imagine one of your most basic reactions – the nod – literally being turned on its head. For our entire lives, the nod has been a gesture that indicates agreement or acceptance; so much so that a study on the expression of emotions claimed that babies, when hungry, would(…)