5 Common French Mistakes You’re Probably Making


On the road to learning French, there are many obstacles that trip up even the most dedicated students. Luckily you can learn from others, using the most common French mistakes that students make as a road map to navigate your own journey. Here are the top errors to avoid:   Take your French to the(…)

Top Dutch Food and Drink


When you think of a foodie travel destinations, you probably don’t think of the Netherlands. It certainly doesn’t have the acclaim of gastronomic tourism favourites such as France or Italy. But don’t discount the Dutch: a number of culinary treats await you. As you foray into these Dutch delicacies, keep in mind that the best(…)

Top Dutch Idioms and Proverbs


The world may think of clogs, tulips, herrings and the infamous coffee shops when thinking about the Dutch. If you moved beyond the stereotypes, you might be thanking the Dutch for giving the world the submarine, the chocolate bar (thank you Casparus van Houten Sr), the CD, bluetooth, and traffic enforcement cameras (ok, maybe we’re(…)

The Most Difficult Things About Learning French


Learning French via Morgan / Flickr Le Français, the iconic language of love, can be considerably less romantic when you’re learning verb conjugations and trying to decipher what your waiter in a Parisienne café is trying to say to you. Learning French has a number of challenges that can make it frustrating to learn. Here(…)

10 Tips For Integrating Into Chinese Culture


Are you thinking about choosing an expat life in China and want to embrace the local customs? China is country full of history and rich culture with plenty for you to learn, but it isn’t necessarily the easiest to assimilate into. Many expats talk of the difficulties of integrating into life in China – not only is the(…)