5 Unusual Ways to Learn Spanish Through Music

There are many fun ways to learn the Spanish language and some of them involve listening to music. If you want to improve your Spanish skills then here are a few unusual methods involving music: 1. Listen to the Translated Version of Your Favourite Songs You might not realise just how many songs have been(…)

Juan vs. Antonio – 4 Hints for How to Name Your Spanish Kid

If you have a child while living in a foreign country there are quite a few practical matters to think about. Apart from issues such as their nationality and all the horrible paperwork you need to fill out, there is something even simpler; what are you going to call the little fellow? 1. Think of(…)

The 6 Best Words in the World That Aren’t English

English is a language with many fantastic words in it, some of which we have looked at in the past. However, what about those amazing words that other languages boast? Here are some great foreign words for you to try out. 1. Schadenfreude – German The person who invented this world was an absolute genius.(…)

5 Top Child-Friendly Places in La Paz, Bolivia

At first sight there are few less child-friendly places on the planet than La Paz in Bolivia. For a start, this exhilarating city sits in a giant bowl at 3,650m above sea level. Altitude sickness, absurdly changeable weather, weird food, insane traffic and unfeasibly steep streets are among the child unfriendly things you are going(…)

5 Ways to Impress Your Spanish Boyfriend’s Parents

If you have got yourself a Spanish boyfriend then the language and cultural differences could be a big part of the initial charm in the relationship. However, when you first meet his parents you will want to do all you can to avoid cultural or linguistic issues and get straight onto the vital stage of(…)

5 Reasons I Loved Studying Spanish in Quito

If you want to learn Spanish then there are some terrific cities in South America for doing so. From Buenos Aires to La Paz and from Santiago to Caracas you will find interesting places where you can have fun while learning. However, I learned Spanish in Quito, Ecuador and it stands out for me as(…)

Hungry? Food Names Gone Wrong!

If you have ever gone shopping in a foreign supermarket there is a good chance that you ended up giggling like a schoolgirl at some point. In some places they attempt to put product names into English while in others the local words are pretty funny to an English speaker. Here are a few different(…)