6 Items You Need to Pack When Moving to Peru


Peru is one of the world’s most exciting countries but it feels a world away from the UK. If you plan to move here then you are in for a great time, provided that you plan properly and take away some essentials. 1. Gadgets Generally speaking, electronic gadgets are more expensive in Peru than in(…)

5 Ways to Impress Your Spanish Boyfriend’s Parents


If you have got yourself a Spanish boyfriend then the language and cultural differences could be a big part of the initial charm in the relationship. However, when you first meet his parents you will want to do all you can to avoid cultural or linguistic issues and get straight onto the vital stage of(…)

5 Reasons I Loved Studying Spanish in Quito


If you want to learn Spanish then there are some terrific cities in South America for doing so. From Buenos Aires to La Paz and from Santiago to Caracas you will find interesting places where you can have fun while learning. However, I learned Spanish in Quito, Ecuador and it stands out for me as(…)

Hungry? Food Names Gone Wrong!


If you have ever gone shopping in a foreign supermarket there is a good chance that you ended up giggling like a schoolgirl at some point. In some places they attempt to put product names into English while in others the local words are pretty funny to an English speaker. Here are a few different(…)

10 All Time Classic Songs from Argentina


If you love music then you’ll have a lot of fun learning Spanish. From Spain to Cuba and from Mexico to Chile you’ll find that each Spanish-speaking country has a rich musical heritage. Argentina has its very own brand of music, influenced by the country’s history and spiced with its love for tango. Here are(…)

Are Foreign Jokes Even Funny?


One of the most interesting but difficult things about living abroad or learning a foreign language is the humour element. Everywhere you go in the world you will find that the people have a sense of humour. However, we don’t all laugh at the same things. This means that simply translating an English language joke(…)

Famously Flammable or Infamously Inflammable? Is There Even a Difference?


I got seriously confused the day I discovered that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Why would you even invent a new word which means exactly the same as one which already exists? Even worse, why would you make it sound like the opposite? Maybe it is time to work out why this happened(…)

Where’s the Duck in my Bombay Duck? Food Names Gone Wrong


Have you ever been about to tuck into some food and stopped to consider why the name of it was wrong? I know I have. Here are some of the foods from around the world which have had the wrong names given to them for one reason or another. Hamburger Let’s imagine for a second(…)

Song Lyrics That Make You Cringe


Have you ever sat down and really listened to the lyrics of your favourite songs? If you have then you probably already know by now that many of them are inane drivel. The following are some of the song lyrics which make me cringe every time I hear them. I Believe I Can Fly -(…)

Forgotten English Words: Time for a Comeback? (Part 2)


We looked a while back at some of the quaintest and weirdest English words which are no longer used, like the wonderful Groak and Hoddypeak. Well, there are plenty more to wonder about in addition to those. The following are some antiquated words which we really need to think about starting to use again: Snoutfair(…)