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9 Activities for Tourists in Ecuador


Planning a trip to South America? Wondering about Ecuador? It’s full of history, culture and natural wonders from rivers to rain forests, glaciers and mountain peaks. Here are the 9 places you won’t want to miss: 1. Visit the Galapagos Islands The small archipelago of volcanic islands is home to a diverse range of flora and(…)

4 Things to Consider When Travelling with Kids in Mexico


Mexico is a terrific place for everyone to travel to.  It offers fantastic beaches, historical sites, lots of culture, and numerous attractions for all.  Any travel with children presents different pleasures and challenges to solo travel or travelling in a group of adults. Here are 4 things to consider when travelling with kids in Mexico:(…)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Traditional Spanish Weddings


Many people are surprised at how different they find some aspects of a traditional Spanish wedding. Weddings are a really big deal in Spain, and it is not uncommon for entire extended families, villages, and neighbourhoods to turn out to help a couple celebrate their big day. Here are some things that you may not(…)

10 Top Spots for Tourists in Russia


Russia is an enormous country, brimming with culture and attractions.  The country spreads over two different continents, Europe and Asia, and is home to various ethnic groups.  From the large cities of Moscow and St Petersburg to the deserts of Siberia and the glistening Lake Baikal, Russia has numerous places of interest for tourists.  It(…)

8 Dos and Don’ts to be a Good Tourist in France


The vast majority of people never want to make any tourist mistakes when visiting a new country.  Most times offence is not intended, and many people feel terrible when they know they have done something silly or offensive.  With most countries having different social norms and expectations when it comes to behavior, it is very(…)

9 Top Child-Friendly Places in Madrid


Madrid is widely known as being amongst one of the most child-friendly cities in the whole of Europe. Spain is celebrated for being welcoming to families, and its capital city embodies the wonderful Spanish attitude towards, and love of, children. As well as a wide selection of places to stay, usually offering equipment and facilities(…)

7 Reasons to Study in China


With larger numbers of people choosing China over other study destinations, you may be curious as to why.  Offering a variety of high quality courses at numerous high standard institutions all over the large country, there are a multitude of reasons why China is gaining popularity in the study stakes.  Over 600 institutions countrywide are(…)

The 7 Parts of a Traditional Chinese Wedding


There are many traditions that are often associated with a Chinese wedding.  These may vary between the different areas within the vast country that is China, they may depend on family traditions and, to a large extent, they also differ according to a couple’s financial status. The typical components in a Chinese wedding include: 1.(…)

8 Phrases to Learn Before You Travel to France


Not only will French skills enhance your travel experiences in France and make getting around, eating, and drinking easier, but you will also be able to speak some of what is considered to be one of the most romantic languages across the world.  Despite some differences between the language variations, it will also come in(…)

11 Top Child-Friendly Places in Paris


France’s cultural and romantic capital city is often thought of as being the domain of lovers and couples.  There are, however, plenty of places to take the children when visiting this captivating city. Some of the best places in Paris for children are: 1. The Eiffel Tower Even kids cannot help but be impressed by the(…)