Tamara Rose Johnson

Top 7 Delicious Korean Dishes


Korean food is one of many east Asian culinary gems, and there are plenty of favourites to choose from in this country’s complex and alluring cuisine. Ever-evolving, Korean food is shaped by interacting cultures, social and political changes. Grains, meat and vegetables form the primary staples of Korean food, from which a fantastic variety of dishes(…)

Top Food and Drinks for Tourists to Try in China


 If you’re lucky enough to take a trip to this incredible country, one of the many highlights will be the food and drink. You will also quickly notice that Chinese cuisine can be starkly different to the standard takeout you’re used to in your own country. Familiar names do exist there of course – sweet(…)

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Scotland


Considering studying abroad? Scotland is a great choice, with outstanding universities that repeatedly rank in the world’s top 100. Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Stirling are each distinctive Scottish burghs that play host to historic and internationally-recognised universities; each offering a broad range of study programs. Of course Scotland is also much more(…)

The 5 Most Difficult Things About Learning English


  Learning English is a tough game for the uninitiated; endless contradictions and exceptions to every rule, illogical phonetics, ambiguous sentence structure and a diverse etymology prove a great challenge for learners, especially for those from entirely unrelated linguistic groups. The quirks of the language can be both frustrating and amusing. Included here is merely(…)

Learn Chinese Through Music – Here’s How (and Why)


Learning a new language, especially one with a totally unfamiliar writing and phonetic system, is always challenging when it comes to vocabulary and fluency. Luckily Chinese is already a lyrical language, so using music to help propel learning can make it truly fun and memorable. A couple of things to keep in mind before adding(…)