Meet Barbara, studying English, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Barbara Learns English to Live and Work in England

Barbara Claussmann is a geologist from France, living and working in Crawley. She sat down with Listen & Learn to explain how we had made a difference:

LL: Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for your time. Could you please tell us a little about yourself?
BC: Yes sure! I’m originally from Paris, and moved to England about a year ago to work as a geologist. I had a little English before coming over, but was definitely not bilingual and realised that I needed to improve on my language skills to be able to work here, as I’ll be living here for at least another 2 years.

LL: When did you start studying with Listen & Learn?
BC: I started studying in June, so I’ve been learning every week for 5 months now, along with two others who work with me.

LL: Why? What were your reasons and goals?
BC: My goals were to be able to speak to clients fluently, in their language. As we talk to people everyday, it’s important to be able to study English in a business sense. Also, there are a lot of tricks with the English pronunciation and grammar, from a French perspective, and it was important for me to get that right.

LL: Why did you choose Listen & Learn?
BC: I started searching for language teachers online. I had never heard of Listen & Learn before, but it looked very professional.

LL: Was it easy to organise?
BC: Yes, that was another thing. Listen & Learn answered my questions immediately. Our situation is quite complicated also – there are three of us, and our company is only paying a portion of our lessons. They walked us through the process. They made it very easy for us.

LL: Have your lessons been helpful?
BC: Yes, definitely! Initially the three of us were hesitant to start learning every week after we had already worked a full day. But after the first lesson we could see it would be good. Our tutor speaks to us like adults, not kids, we’re able to ask her questions during the week, and she’s incredibly open-minded. Her lessons follow a schedule, but if there’s something important we have to cover, she’s able to switch it up to suit us. It’s also been interesting studying with a Greek girl and a Polish girl, seeing the different questions, the different mistakes. The lessons have been very helpful.

LL : Would you recommend Listen & Learn?
BC: Definitely.

LL: And on a final note, what's your favourite saying in your new language?
BC: Well, it’s not really a favourite saying; it’s just something that makes me laugh. Because I’m in England, and it rains a lot here, I’ve started saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” In France the equivalent is <i>il pleut des cordes</i> – “It’s raining ropes!”