Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms & Conditions before applying to the Listen & Learn Travel Scholarship. The details of these Terms & Conditions constitute a contractual obligation between the applicant and Listen & Learn upon submission of the entrant’s application.

Applicants must be 18 years old or over, must have an elementary level of Spanish or Portuguese, and must be a current undergraduate or graduate student. Applicants under 18 years are only elegible to apply if they turn 18 at time of travelling.
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Applicants can only submit one application each and any attempts to submit a duplicate application will be deleted. We utilise an advanced fraud detection system to identify fake email accounts and single users submitting multiple votes. In the event of discovering fraudulent activity, all votes submitted by the associated user will be discounted. By completing an application form, you attest that all provided information is valid and complete.

All entrants, by submitting an application form, grant Listen & Learn the rights to:
Use the student’s personal details, application form content (profile, image, travel itinerary, tongue-twister video) and all travel content (including photos, audio files, videos, blog posts, etc.) in any Listen & Learn declarations, articles, bulletins, or internet posts.

The panel of expert Spanish and Portuguese teachers (responsible for selecting the winning candidate) will be chosen based on their qualifications, teaching experience and native understanding of their respective language.

The announcement of the winner will be made on 2021, via website, email and social media.

The scholarship winner will receive three monthly payments of $1000 USD, for a total of $3,000 USD, with each payment deposited at the end of each month. These months will coincide with when the winner takes their trip abroad. Delivery of the money for each month depends on the winner providing certain pre-requisite deliverables to Listen & Learn throughout the month:
• TWO blog posts of 800-1,000 words each, discussing interesting travel experiences, freshly acquired Spanish/Portuguese words/phrases, etc.
• FOUR one-minute videos with high-quality light, sound and image. Content should highlight interesting people, places, activities, etc. Any additional people to appear in the video will be assumed to have given their consent to being filmed and having the video shared online. The winner is responsible for obtaining this consent.

In addition to these monthly obligations, the winner must provide Listen & Learn with the following before concluding the trip:
• TEN audio or video files where the winner lists and describes interesting Spanish/Portuguese words and phrases, including, but not limited to, jokes and local expressions.
• TEN quality photographs of each location visited during the trip and each activity experienced.

Finally, the winner is also obligated to provide Listen & Learn with an 800-word (minimum) summary of their trip, including what they found to be most inspirational and fulfilling. This summary must be received by Listen & Learn no later than 30 days following the official end of the scholarship.

Should the winner choose to or be forced to end the trip early, for any reason, Listen & Learn are not obliged to pay any scholarship funds not hereto paid.

It is the winner’s duty to finance all aspects of the trip, including, but not limited to, accommodation, transportation, meals, travel & medical insurance, tickets, legal documentation and visas/passports. The scholarship fund can be used to fund any or all of these items, should the winner choose to do so, but this is entirely at his/her discretion.

All applicants must provide Listen & Learn with a working e-mail address and mobile/cell number(s) through which regular contact can be maintained. The winner must maintain this contact throughout the trip to Latin America. The winner must also have valid and functional Facebook and/or Instagram profiles. Communication between the winner and Listen & Learn must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure student’s requisite items (photos, messages, articles or videos) are successfully received by the Listen & Learn team. If the applicant/winner changes his/her contact information at any point, he/she must notify Listen & Learn immediately.
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