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From our clients all over the world

"My teacher has been great! Overall, I am very happy."
Blair Pollock

Finnish course in Online.

"The lessons are going really well. Ayuna is very good and I’m surprised how much of my Japanese is coming back to me after so many years."
Catherine Lonergan

Japanese course in Leeds.

"So far the lessons have been great and I have been learning a ton. Sophia seems very enthusiastic. I very much like having her as my Cantonese instructor."
Kyle disanjh

Cantonese course in Online.

"Marwa is an attentive teacher. She has an excellent way of helping me know when a noun is masculine or feminine and is great at correcting my pronunciation."
Katie Longenecker

Arabic course in Online.

"Raul was a great teacher: the lessons were well planned and that he took the time to explain things that came up during the lessons."
Karen Williams

Spanish course in London, LDS EASY LANGUES.

our clients include

Blendex Food Ingredients Ltd.
Language learned: German in Newcastle.

Honeywell Control Solutions Ltd.
Language learned: English in Aberdeen.

Job Center Plus
Language learned: German in Leeds.