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Closed Group Language Lessons*

We provide small closed group language lessons where you, your friends and colleagues can get together at your home or office to learn together. Listen & Learn will provide the teacher, course materials and the academic support


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Groups are generally made up of anything from 2 to 12 people per class. We do not say that we won't teach larger groups, especially if resources are limited, but we do advise against large groups since a typical 2-hour class will not grant each student the individual attention from their tutor that allows them to move forward rapidly and with self-assurance.

While one-to-one lessons have the advantage of being adaptable to the needs of the student in terms of when and where the lessons take place, group lessons by and large are scheduled for a precise time and location each week. This is a measure to avoid difficulties in scheduling each class, as the entire group must be able to make each class, as well as the teacher.

For those undertaking group classes, there are two more important factors:

First of all, all students should have the same language level at the start. For utter beginners this is generally not a problem, but if some have more experience than others, people will either become frustrated that the lessons move too slowly, or they will find it difficult to maintain the pace. To aid this issue we have a quick and easy Online Level Test for our most popular language lessons, giving you the ability to test and gauge the level of all the candidates for the class without any problems.

In situations where some participants have more experience than others, we suggest separating the classes into smaller groups so each student can make the most of their lesson time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require us to schedule an initial test for your employees.

Secondly, each student must have the same requirements for learning the language. This ensures that the topics and content covered applies to all. This is covered in your first session with your teachers and is not generally a problem, as the content of a lesson is usually decided by a consensus reached by the group.

You can find more information and prices for our individual and group lessons on all our lesson and location pages.

Note that we do charge a little more for group lessons as there is more administration required and materials for the lesson have to be arranged for each person taking part.