Did you know that French is the only language other than English that is spoken on 5 continents? Learning French will expand your social, cultural and professional horizons by allowing opportunities to communicate and collaborate with the 270 million speak French around the world. Contact us today and get started with an online French course completely tailored to your skills and requirements!


Who can take our online French courses?

Our lessons can be taken by anyone interested in becoming proficient in French. If you’ve never studied the language in the past, don’t worry: our Survival course will equip you with basic grammar and vocabulary for you to hold basic conversations in a short time. Also, as our teachers are native speakers, you’ll be exposed to French from the very first lesson. This way, you can start fine-tuning your comprehension and pronunciation!


What will you learn with us? 

As your classes are personalised to suit your learning style and interest, your tutor will enrich the lessons with real-life, motivating materials such as movies, TV series, songs and short stories. You’ll never run out of great resources to learn French! Whatever your level, you’ll acquire the language with a custom course that will deepen your knowledge of grammar and lexis, develop your receptive and productive skills and help you sound as native-like as possible.


More reasons to learn French

Furthermore, French is a Romance language, meaning you can use it as a jumping off point to acquire other languages from the same linguistic branch, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and even Romanian! Reach out to us today and start your language journey!


Why take online French lessons?

  • You’ll have our technical agents at your disposal in case you need help to download, run or test Skype.
  • Our lessons are flexible and comfortable, as you don’t have to leave home or commute to take your classes.
  • Record the lessons for future review in case you have any doubts about the content you have already studied.
  • Decide if you want to take individual or small-group sessions with friends or co-workers. Please note that the maximum number of people allowed per group is 8.


These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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