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Mandarin Chinese is one of the world’s most spoken languages: today, it has more than 1 billion speakers. Acquire Mandarin and you will be able to communicate with 1/7 of the globe’s population! China has grown substantially in the last few decades, so professionals learning Mandarin will have access to new markets and opportunities, especially considering that only 1% of China’s population speaks English fluently. Plus, knowing the language will also help you to get by if you ever travel to China.


Our Chinese instructors

Contact us at Listen & Learn and we will prepare a personalised course, so you become fluent in Mandarin a short time. Although the language has a reputation for being difficult to learn (it has a unique writing system, after all), do not feel intimidated. Our native-speaking instructors have years of experience guiding students to fluency, so we guarantee you will learn Mandarin as quickly and easily as possible!


What you will learn with us

Those who’ve never studied Chinese before will get started with Survival Mandarin, where they’ll get familiar with the alphabet and learn some basic grammar and vocabulary to start holding basic conversations. Furthermore, as our tutors are native speakers, you’ll be exposed to the target language from the very first lesson. This is particularly important when learning Chinese, as it’s a tonal language, where the same word has different meanings depending on the pronunciation.

Afterwards, you’ll continue your language journey with a tailor-made course that takes into account your preferences and needs. For example, you can study by watching and dissecting amazing TV series and famous films, or you may decide to learn Chinese through songs.


Why take online Mandarin lessons?

  • Our online Mandarin courses are more flexible than traditional classes. Neither you nor your teacher have to commute to take the lessons, so you can reschedule with just one business day’s notice.  
  • You can record your lessons using Skype and review them whenever you need to.
  • You don’t have to study alone. You may also decide to study in small, closed groups of up to 8 friends, family members or co-workers.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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Top Tips For…

mandarin-chinese Songs


The Drunken Beauty- Li Yu Gang

“The Drunken Beauty” is a great song to learn more about the Chinese language, but also about their culture and traditions, as it combines ancient Chinese music with modern rhythms. The song is about two young adults who meet and fall in love in a disco one Saturday night, so you’ll learn some words related to love and relationships. If you are a beginner looking to improve your skills in Mandarin Chinese, this is the track for you, as it includes simple nouns and tenses and some useful prepositions. Plus, its rhythmic pattern makes the song easy to memorize.

Listen to this track here!

mandarin-chinese Songs

WeChat- The Higher Brothers

Do you enjoy listening to rap and would like to take advantage to improve your Mandarin Chinese skills and learn new vocabulary in a meaningful manner? Then, you should definitely follow The Higher Brothers’ music. “WeChat”, for example, is a great song that mixes Mandarin with English, so it’s a good starting point for Beginner students who want to improve their listening skills. The song is about all the things that are prohibited in China (from free access to the internet to fashion or food), so you’ll also learn more about the culture, at the same time!

Listen to this track here!

Bao Bei Dui Bu Qi (Baby, I’m Sorry)- Shazam

If you are a Beginner-level student of Mandarin, it may be hard for you to find suitable materials to improve your skills. Listening, in particular, is one of the most challenging. But you can always resort to catchy, easy-to-remember songs, like “Baby, I’m sorry”, to develop your ear quickly. As the name suggests, this is a romantic song that talks about a man who apologizes to his wife for his mistakes. It uses simple structures and vocabulary, and the whole song is in the present perfect tense, so you will find it easy to understand (even as a beginner), especially if you have the written lyrics to hand!

Listen to this track here!

mandarin-chinese Apps



Pleco is one of the best Mandarin Chinese offline dictionaries you will find. It has a free version and a more complete premium option you can download for Android and iOS. Pleco will not only give you the definition of each word but it also includes a handwriting recognizer (so you can check the quality of your Chinese symbols), and an audio recording of each word, so you learn how to pronounce them correctly. If you decide to pay for the premium version, it also includes a flashcard maker, so you can prepare your own flashcards with pictures, words and sounds.

Click here to download the app.

mandarin-chinese Apps


If you are an eager language learner, you have surely heard of Duolingo. This app offers 5-minute lessons on more than 20 languages, including Mandarin Chinese. Their lessons are organised into different vocabulary areas, such as food, family, directions, and more! The first thing you will learn are the Mandarin characters, so the app is good for beginners, as well as intermediate-level students. Additionally, you can practise grammar, as many of the activities involve creating or re-ordering sentences, translating phrases, etc. You can use Duolingo on your computer or download it onto your smartphone, if you prefer.

Click here to download the app.

Hello Talk

If you are an advanced learner of Mandarin Chinese and now you are looking for partners with whom you can put your skills into practice, you should download Hello Talk. The app helps you connect with people from different parts of the world (native and non-native) who are looking to make new friends while chatting in Chinese. It’s similar to WhatsApp, but here you can find people you don’t know but who are, nonetheless, as eager to learn Mandarin. Just download it onto your phone, choose the language you want to practise and you will see a list of people who want to chat and participate in an enriching language exchange!

Click here to download the app.


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