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Do you intend to relocate to Brazil, Portugal, Cape Verde or another Portuguese-speaking territory? Would you like to sing along to samba music and understand the meaning of the lyrics? Are you planning to enter the Brazilian market as an employee or entrepreneur? Then, start learning Portuguese, a language spoken by more than 250 million people worldwide. Contact us at Listen & Learn and we will design a personalised programme for you to study Portuguese online, from the comfort of your home!


What you will learn with us

Our online courses suit any need, age or level of proficiency. For example, if you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll begin with a Survival course, where you’ll start getting familiar with the pronunciation and cadence of the language, while learning the vocabulary and grammar necessary to hold a conversation. For example, you’ll learn greetings, (olá, oi, bom dia), requests (alguem podería...?) and ways of saying thank you (muito obrigada/o). The more advanced you become, the more specific your lessons will be, the more complex language skills you will master and the more your teacher will focus on the topics most relevant to you and your needs!


More reasons to learn Portuguese

Still haven’t decided if learning Portuguese is worth the effort? You should consider that it is a Romance language (descended from Latin) and, so, is a linguistic sister to Romanian, French, Spanish and Italian, making them easier to learn once you’ve mastered Portuguese. Contact us today and start learning Portuguese online!


Why take online Portuguese lessons?

  • Enjoy fun, motivating classes. Our tutors use games and real-life materials, such as films or TV series, to make your course interactive and fun. In this way, you’ll always feel motivated to study Portuguese!
  • Study from the comfort of your home (or even your bed).
  • You can decide if you would like to study on your own or in a small, private group with up to 8 friends or co-workers.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy. You don’t need to own advanced equipment or download complicated software. Just download Skype to your smartphone or laptop and get started!

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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portuguese Songs


Amar pelos Dois - Salvador Sobral

Do you like jazz and are looking for new melodies in Portuguese to improve your language skills? Then, Amar pelos Dois is the track you are looking for. It talks about a man who lost the love of his life and describes all the hardships he has to endure to try to find it again. As it’s a track that talks about a lot of figurative situations and uses future subjunctive as in Se um dia alguém preguntar por mim (If one day someone asks me, say that I lived to love you), it’s more suitable for intermediate or advanced students. Check out the song here!

portuguese Songs

Tu e Eu- Diogo Piçarra

Looking to improve your European Portuguese skills while listening to a great song? Then, Tu e Eu is a great option for intermediate and advanced students to take their vocabulary to the next level, while improving their comprehension and pronunciation. This track is a romantic piece that describes the feelings between two childhood sweethearts that get together after decades of not seeing each other. With phrases like Se a idade não perdoar, e quando não me ouvires cantar, you’ll get to see how the future subjunctive is used in context, while learning pronunciation specific to Portugal. Check out the song here!

Meu Amor de Longe- Raquel Tavares

Are you looking to learn European Portuguese but find it hard to find TV series and songs that help you improve your pronunciation and comprehension? Look no further than Raquel Tavares’ music. Meu amor de longe, for example, is a fado song, characterised by a mournful tune that sings about the sea and a lost love. With this track, you’ll get familiar with saudades, a term that refers to a feeling of nostalgia about something that may or may not have happened. It’s also full of words about love and loss, so it’s a great chance to build up your vocabulary! Check out the song here!

portuguese Youtube Channels



If you are bored of watching the same type of content on YouTube all the time, then you should try Wuant’s channel and take advantage of the opportunity to learn Portuguese at the same time! Wuant uploads content that touches on a wide variety of topics, from travel vlogs to popular memes in Brazil, curiosities about their culture, art and music commentaries and even experiments. This means that, besides learning new expressions in Brazilian Portuguese, you will surely get to know more about their culture and traditions. Click here to subscribe!

portuguese Youtube Channels

Canal Canalha

This YouTube channel is run by actor and comedian Julio Cocielo, who posts parodies, vlogs and interviews with other celebrities. He also covers major events in Brazil (such as sporting events or elections), as well as personal stories, so can enjoy a window into life in Brazil (in addition to learning a lot about their language). For example, one of his most popular videos features him proposing to his girlfriend, so this is a great opportunity to learn vocabulary related to love and relationships, such as casa conmigo? (marry me), um casal (a couple), meu namorado (my boyfriend), and more. Click here to subscribe!

Hello Rusty

Are you struggling to find real-life materials to develop your listening skills as a beginner Brazilian Portuguese learner? If that’s your case, you should subscribe to Hello Rusty’s YouTube channel! This space is run by Rusty, a Brazilian teacher who is passionate about teaching Portuguese to speakers of other languages. She covers basic grammar (such as the alphabet, how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs, punctuation) and vocabulary. Plus, she has materials on how to pronounce words correctly while doing something meaningful, such as preparing delicious brigadeiro. Click here to subscribe!

portuguese News


Folha de Sao Paulo

Folha de Sao Paulo is a great channel to keep up with what is going on around the world while practising your language skills. This channel is more suitable for advanced students of Portuguese, as analyses of the news are detailed and make use of advanced vocabulary. The organisation also has a website where you can read news articles related to politics, cinema, international affairs, climate change, and more. Keep in mind that there is a paywall, so you will only be able to read a couple of articles per day before you have to pay. Read the news in Portuguese here!

portuguese News

Diário de Notícias

Diário de Notícias is a superb online resource for those looking to learn European Portuguese while staying informed. On this website, you will find articles about what is going on in Portugal and around the world. You can find articles related to sports (desportos), opinion (opiniao), culture (cultura), or the country (país), along with their relevant vocabulary. The articles are usually long and use complicated terms, so they are more suited for intermediate to advanced students. The videos don’t include any subtitles, so take this into account if you intend to watch them. Read the news in Portuguese here!


Veja is a popular news channel in Brazil, famous for its weekly magazine that can be found in every single waiting room and news stand across the country. In addition to the printed version, you can find the magazine online (non-subscribers can read 3-4 articles a week for free). Some of the topics they touch include fashion, international news, celebrities, and others. Go from knowing nothing to a lot about any topic by reading one of their long, informative articles that will introduce you to the most useful and common Portuguese vocabulary. Read the news in Portuguese here!


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