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Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world, spoken natively in more than 20 countries. This also makes it quite a varied language. For example, did you know that carro, auto and automóvil mean the same thing, “car”, depending on the country? Or that , vos and usted are all variations of the same pronoun (you)? Don’t let this discourage you from learning Spanish: our native-speaking instructors will help you be fluent in a short time and be understood wherever you go with our fun, interactive online Spanish lessons!


What you will learn with us

If you’ve never studied Spanish before, you’ll begin your journey with our Survival course. This programme is designed for absolute beginners to start getting familiar with the pronunciation and cadence of Spanish and learn basic phrases and structures, such as greetings (hola, qué tal?), asking for forgiveness (disculpa, perdón, lo siento) or thanking others (gracias, muchas gracias, eres muy amable). We will even make sure you have a teacher who speaks the regional dialect you are most interested in knowing, so can start developing your ear and practising your conversation skills right away.


We take your preferences into account

Students who have at least mastered the basics will enjoy 100% tailored courses designed with your interests and goals in mind. So, if you tell your teacher the media you enjoy and how you intend to use the language in the real world, they can adapt the lessons to be of the greatest interest to you. For example, study Spanish vocabulary and culture by reading short stories written by Cortázar or Borges, listening to songs by great artists, like Maná or Shakira, or watching films, like Relatos Salvajes or El Laberinto del Fauno. The choice is yours!  


Why take online Spanish lessons?

  • Enjoy greater flexibility, comfort and convenience. You won’t spend endless hours commuting to take your class somewhere else. With online lessons, you don’t even have to leave your bed!
  • You can record your lessons and review them later, so you can assess your own progress and revisit tricky subjects.
  • One-to-one and group courses available. We can prepare individual classes or private, closed-group courses with up to 8 of your friends, family members or co-workers!


These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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Top Tips For…

spanish Entertainment


Gran Hotel - Netflix Series

If you like period dramas, then you will surely enjoy “Gran Hotel”, a superb production with plenty of romance and intrigue. The story is set in the 1910s and follows Julio, a man who arrives at the Gran Hotel to speak with his sister, head chambermaid Christina, only to find out she has disappeared. So, he decides to pose as a footman to find out what happened. This Spanish drama has more than 80 gripping episodes for you to binge-watch while improving your European Spanish. Even if the series is set in the previous century, you will certainly learn useful words and expressions for modern-day interactions! Here you can find more information about the series

spanish Entertainment

Spanish Film Festival

Every year, London hosts the fantastic Spanish Film Festival, established in 2002, where you can find more than 50 ground-breaking Spanish and Latin American movies screened in their original language. This event features the most representative films from Spanish-speaking countries of the year, so why not attend this festival and watch classic and traditional Hispanic films without English subtitles? This way, you’ll pick up new words, improve your listening comprehension skills and learn more about Spanish and Latin American cultures. Most of the time, actors and directors also attend the festival, so you can approach them afterwards and speak to them in Spanish! Click here to know more about the festival.

The House of Bernarda Alba - Play

“The House of Bernarda Alba” is a classic play written by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca in 1936. It is entirely set in Bernarda’s house, where you can take a peek at her family life with her five daughters, her maid and many other servants. It explores the themes of sexual repression, inheritance and violence among three generations of women who live in the same house. You can watch this award-winning production at the Cervantes Theatre in London, where it is delivered entirely in Spanish. So, as it’s fast-paced and uses complicated grammatical structures, this play is recommended for intermediate to advanced students. Click here to learn more about this play.

spanish Sports


Local Football Teams Can Help You Learn

If you are looking to improve your command of the language, watching football matches in Spanish can be a great idea. This is a hugely popular sport in Spanish-speaking countries, so if you want to learn the language to interact with locals, it’s a good idea to know about football. You’ll be able to chat about this fascinating sport for hours! And if you are a fan of Spanish football teams (like the famous Barcelona or Real Madrid from Spain, or Boca Juniors from Argentina), you could try following these teams’ social media pages to learn new vocabulary and stay up-to-date about their achievements. Learn more about soccer teams here!

spanish Sports

Newspapers: Great Tools to Enhance Vocabulary

Watching football matches in Spanish is not the only way to learn about this fascinating sport. In can be challenging to understand what commenters are saying, as they speak very quickly and use slang frequently. Instead, why not try to read the sports news instead of just watching events? Most newspapers, including El Pais, El Mundo and ABC, have a sports section where you can read about your favourite football teams. Furthermore, you can visit their websites and access an array of articles about the players, teams, gossip and curious football facts that interest you the most. Soon, you’ll understand what marcar un golazo or hacer un gol de chilena mean! Read El Pais' sports section here!

Spanish Commentary to Increase Listening Comprehension

When learning Spanish, it’s important to surround yourself with different contexts from where you can absorb vocabulary and phrases. Plus, doing so will help you to improve your listening comprehension skills. So, if you are a sports lover and your Spanish level is at least intermediate, you can try and watch the exciting matches of La Liga Española with Spanish commentary. The commentators speak really quickly and use a lot of slang, but you’ll surely be able to pick up some words and expressions, like pintalo de amarillo (“the yellow card”). CLick here to know when the Liga starts.

spanish For Kids


Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids

Spanish videos for kids are a fabulous learning resource. The videos are fun, memorable and keep children engaged. Furthermore, watching videos like Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids is an excellent way to expose your child to a variety of Spanish accents. Whistlefritz products are themed and teach contextual Spanish words to kids. The videos are intended for children ages 2-7 and introduce basic vocabulary related to the seasons, birthday parties, animals and other topics interesting to young kids. The presentation is clear with plenty of repetition, so the kids will never feel overwhelmed. Check out their website to know more.

spanish For Kids

Juegos Arcoiris

If your children enjoy short, interactive games, why not take advantage of this and encourage them to play games in Spanish? For example, Juegos Arcoiris is an excellent resource for kids to acquire new vocabulary and reinforce what they learn in their Spanish course. It hosts a variety of puzzle games, short stories and even colouring activities that will keep your children amused for hours. These games are perfect to practise vocabulary: the colouring activities display the names of object and colours and all the instructions are in Spanish; and the short stories are written and read in Spanish, too! Check out their website to know more.

La Ratita Presumida

La Ratita Presumida is a popular folk tale that follows a mouse who wants to get married. She welcomes different suitors to her home, like a pig, a dog and a cat. To decide whom she wants to marry, she always asks them “¿Y por las noches, que me dirás?” (What will you say to me at night?), but never likes their answers. This is a great story to learn some phrases and vocabulary about animals, as it’s repetitive but fun. Your child can even watch the story on YouTube and then act it out. Check out this website to read the story.

spanish News



Watching TV in your target language is a great way to crank your learning up to the next level. If you’d like to know what’s going on in the world while improving your Spanish skills, then why not watch the news in Spanish? For example, if you prefer the European variety of castellano (or you want to travel to Spain), you can watch RTVE, a conglomerate of television channels that broadcast content in Spanish: you can watch the news on La 1, documentaries on La 2 and even Barcelona FC’s football matches on La 3! Click here to start with Spanish news.

spanish News

Azteca Noticias

Azteca is a Mexican media giant that showcases news from all over the world. Its biggest competitor is called Televisa, which only offers paid subscription services. In contrast, Azteca is free to stream and available almost anywhere in the world. One of the most popular programmes is called Hechos, where you can see what is currently happening in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. If you are looking to improve your comprehension of the Mexican accent and to pick up some words while watching the news, this is the channel for you. Click here to start with Spanish news.

Canal Uno News

Are you planning to travel to Colombia or would you like to learn this specific accent (which is considered one of the most “neutral” in South America)? Then, watching the news on Canal Uno can be a great way to develop your Spanish listening skills. Most of the reporters speak very clearly, so it’s easier to understand what they are saying than many comparative channels. Watching this Colombian channel can also serve as a springboard to tuning into the news in Argentina or Cuba in the future, as you’ll gain confidence over time. Click here to start with Spanish news.

spanish Apps


Green Line

Green Line is a Spanish app that is currently available in more than 300 municipalities throughout the country. It aims to improve the quality of life of Spanish citizens by solving incidents on public roads, promote communication with public officers and more. So, using the app, users can let the town hall know about broken street benches, defective street lamps or traffic lights, etc. If you decide to collaborate, you will even get a notification when the problem is resolved. And the best part is that you don’t need to be an advanced-level Spanish speaker to operate it and the app is intuitive and easy to use; so, it is handy for Spanish learners as well as native speakers. Download the app here!

spanish Apps


Spanish grammar can be a bit tricky sometimes and requires a lot of practise. Fortunately, you can download an array of apps that can help you take your grammar to the next level with very useful exercises and resources, such as Busuu. Regardless of your level, you can take advantage of their audio files, pictures and multiple-choice exercises to improve your skills. Furthermore, it has a forum that gives you the chance to connect with other students. So, you’ll be able to share experiences, talk about the exercises and even practise your speaking skills via the sharing of audio files. Click here to find out more about the app.

Mi No Dieta

If you are looking for help to start more healthily, Mi No-Dieta (My no diet) is here to help! Designed by expert nutritionists, the app guides the user to create a 30-day eating plan depending on their needs and preferences. If you don’t like fish, for example, the app will recommend vegetables and eggs instead. And not only will you get a list of recommended meals but you can contact specialists any time via the app. This is a great way to practise your foreign language vocabulary and learn more about food and meals in Spanish while staying healthy! Learn more about the app here!


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