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Why English Remains Today’s Lingua Franca: Part 2

Posted on Mon, 20 Mar 2017 08:00:26 +0000

English being considered the lingua franca of this world is sure to get the back-up of those whose own native tongue is vastly more widespread in use—or at least equal to it—across the globe. We can look to Mandarin, Spanish, or even Russian as other contenders for this coveted title, and yet the fact remains(…)


Why English Remains Today’s Lingua Franca: Part 1

Posted on Mon, 13 Mar 2017 08:00:14 +0000

Oh, fellow native English speakers, we hope you won’t object to us tarnishing us all with the same brush here, when we say that there is such an expectation of hearing English everywhere we go, that we are everything from surprised to alarmed when we realise that it isn’t. English is touted as the lingua(…)


Removing the Human Factor: Could Translation Truly Ever be Automated?

Posted on Mon, 06 Mar 2017 08:00:37 +0000

Speculating on the future of translation devices means going beyond mere wishful thinking about which of our favourite translation gadgets from the best science shows we can bring to life. From Google Translate making a wealth of languages available at our fingertips, to Skype facilitating instant translation during our video calls, it is easy to(…)