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Take a look at our many satisfied clients and see what they have to say about their experience with Listen & Learn!
  • Catriona & John Hutcheson
    Czech in Amsterdam
    “Listen & Learn has a fantastic and flexible approach to learning. […] The option to mix face-to-face lessons and Skype, as well as weekly appointments, is perfect.”
  • Alex Wade
    Japanese in Oxford
    “I wanted someone that I could be friends with as I learned the language in my own time, at my own pace. Listen & Learn seemed to offer that kind of person, and I found out very quickly that the tutor provided to me, Chika-san, is exactly who I was looking for”
  • Ruth Linehan
    Korean in Cork
    “I love that I can learn with a native speaker from my own home and at whatever time works for me!”
  • Paul Jones
    German in Oxford
    “Listen & Learn’s teaching approach is a flexible and impactful way to study a language”
  • Becky Pearson
    Norwegian in Bristol
    “I chose Listen & Learn because they were the only company able to find me a tutor. Not only that, but able to arrange one in my area”

Mary Elen

“Listen & Learn allows their tutors the freedom to explore the requirements and needs of the student to truly personalise the learning experience” READ MORE


Meet the Listen & Learn teachers and hear why they love teaching languages to clients around the world.

  • Nick Sage
    French in London
    “My Listen & Learn tutor, Yann, made a huge effort to help me understand how the grammar works, and how to say things properly – these aren’t things you can learn from a book”
  • Sara McCullum
    Spanish in Peterborough
    “Listen & Learn seemed to be the most professional, and when I began to enquire, very much lived up to my expectations”
  • Kathleen Mathers
    Swahili in Hertfordshire
    “Listen & Learn was one of the few companies that offered Swahili and met my other criteria”
  • Philip Jarman
    Mandarin Chinese in Swansea
    “Listen & Learn was right for me with their tailored home tuition, flexible learning, good prices and good reputation”


From our clients all over the world

"The lessons are going very well. We are working a lot around the speaking and listening skills, which are the areas were I want to improve. I feel I have made important steps forward during this period."
Mariacristina Armellin

Portuguese course in Milton Keynes.

"So far so good, Sonia my trainer is really nice, and we are proceeding quite well."
Marcello Golfieri

Spanish course in Cork.

"Mustafa, my Swahili teacher, is very professional and extremely flexible. The flexibility he gives me has enabled me to get where I am now."
Chad Garrett

Swahili course in Online.

"Fidan and I get along very well. She explains everything clearly, not only the grammar and the vocabulary, but also the culture, which I find very helpful."
Romy Schwarz

Azerbaijani course in Online.

"The class has been going great. Sunyoung is great and I can see my improvement."
Albert Wang

Korean course in Online.

our clients include

A H Services
Language learned: German in London.

Proserve Ltd.
Language learned: Italian in Coventry.

Scottish Water
Language learned: Arabic in Edinburgh.

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