How can you make sure that Listen & Learn is right for you? With thousands of success stories under our belt, check out just of few of them here!

Arabic Testimonials

"My lessons are going very well. My teacher is lovely."
Rozina Ahmed - Arabic course in Bradford.

"She was great fun to work with but by no means "soft," so she kept us all motivated."
Helen E. Robertson - Arabic course.

"We have always had trouble with grammar initially but it's much better now and I feel I'm learning a lot. "
Magda Nasher - Arabic course in Liverpool.

"The structure of the Arabic course is great the way it is, it gives a good base to the understanding of the language."
Nadiah Bashir - Arabic course in Sheffield.

"My lessons with my teacher are going great. He is friendly and approachable and I look forward to my lesson every week."
Peter Hoare - Arabic course in Exeter.

Bulgarian Testimonials

"Everything is going well and I will be doing my second lesson tomorrow. It is hard work but really productive!"
Steve Wise - Bulgarian course in Bristol.

"I am glad to say I am enjoying learning Bulgarian very much. It is quite challenging but that is good! "
Michael Paterson - Bulgarian course in Aberdeen.

Cantonese Testimonials

"My first class went very well. I am very happy with my teacher Shara. She is excellent!"
Dermot J McDermott - Cantonese course in Dublin.

Chinese Testimonials

"The trainer was very keen to find out exactly what I wanted to get out of the lessons and tailor the programme to my specific learning needs. "
Michael McMahon - Chinese course in Belfast.

"The lessons are going well. Annie is a good teacher. "
Craig Powell - Chinese course in Peterborough.

"Naiqian is an excellent tutor because she has tailored my lessons for business Chinese that I use in my industry."
Alice Quirke - Chinese course in Limerick.


Meet the Listen & Learn teachers, all native-speakers, and dedicated to reaching our clients' language goals!
  • Alessandra Read more
    Age: 31
    Language: French
    Years of experience: 7

    “I think it’s important for a teacher to really know their students. I make notes about every person I teach – their lives, their targets. I consider my students my friends, and I’m actually planning to visit some in Australia soon!”
  • Francisca Read more
    Age: 34
    Language: Spanish
    Years of experience: 7

    “Seeing the language through my learners’ eyes is a precious experience for me. So, I consider myself very lucky!!! ”
  • Frances Read more
    Age: 58
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 4

    “The best moment for a teacher is when you see that person who had no confidence in the beginning now speaking English with ease. ”

Danish Testimonials

"My teacher Katrine's really easy to be around and I'm looking forward to today's lesson."
Natalie Bedford - Danish course in Bradford, Executive Assistant, Thornton Processing.

"We are very happy with the Danish course and Annika is a really excellent tutor!"
Ian Newbold - Danish course in Leeds, Group Information Security Manager, Carlsberg A/S.

"Everyone taking part in the course has had only positive feedback – thank you for everything!"
Ashley Simpson - Danish course in Aberdeen, MAERSK GROUP.

"I have completed my last lesson now and I am making use of Danish in my correspondence with our client and staff in Denmark."
Neill Murray - Danish course in Aberdeen.

Dutch Testimonials

"The lessons are going really well. My trainer Mathilde is really helpful."
Emma Doherty - Dutch course in Cork, Administrator, ACT Marketing Direct.

"My Dutch lessons are going extremely well! Chris is an excellent match."
Charlotte Russell - Dutch course in Cambridge.

English Testimonials

"I am actually doing fine and enjoy my lessons with Sybille my teacher. She is really good and patient."
Anna Tauro - English course in Derby, Veterinary Surgeon, Abbey Vet Group.

"I’m really enjoying this training course. To be honest I really like it because the lessons are designed on our needs and we haven’t to follow a book program."
Matteo Dal'Oglio - English course in Derby, Service Engineer - Trent 900, Rolls Royce.

"Yes, I am enjoying my English course. Andrew is a good teacher. Lessons are interesting so are going very quickly."
Bartlomiej Leszczynski - English course in Derby, Service Engineer - Trent 900, Rolls Royce.

"So far the classes are going well."
Gerson Chafer - English course in Derby, Service Engineer - Trent 900, Rolls Royce.

"Everything was good. I enjoyed the class with my teacher Mary Ellen."
Diego Lopez - English course in Crawley, Geostatistician, CGG Veritas.

"I'm enjoying my English with my teacher Tim, he's really great, he is perfect for me, a really good teacher."
Kiran Claudin - English course in Crawley, Finance Director, CGG Veritas.

"I am very satisfied with my trainer Matthew and he is flexible to adapt to my work schedule too. I am feeling much more confident with the use of English."
Evaldas Lukauskas - English course in Warrington, Project Manager, Optima Warehouse Solutions Ltd.

"The class yesterday was a success. Everyone enjoyed, We were able to set some goals and we looking forward to meet Henry again on Monday."
Annamaria Oosthuizen - English course in London, Exec Sys Ltd.

"I would like to highlight the professionalism of my teacher Frances, she has been a great support and I found her a big help!"
Juan Antonio Tercero López - English course in Crawley.

"My teachers were very helpful and professional and I liked the varied lessons where I learned about not just grammar and vocabulary, but culture too!"
Michelle Gleeson - English course in Sheffield, Training Administrator, SIG PLC.

"Each of the partipants confirmed that the classes helped them master English better than any class taken before."
Hanno Kraatz - English course in Crawley, Jeppesen.

"My first lessons have gone very well. I’ve found the course very interesting and my teacher Jacklynne is very nice. I am looking forward to my upcoming classes!"
Thomas Joulain - English course, Front Office Manager, EUROCOPTER North Sea Service Center.

"The classes were very fun and very useful to me. My English skills have improved so much."
Irene Gazquez Perez - English course in Sheffield.

"We are happy with the teacher and we are learning so much."
Juan Jose Saelices - English course in Derby.

"My first lesson went well and Nicole, my tutor, is wonderful. I really liked her class and I’m sure that she will help me a lot."
Natalia Curie / Marie Ashton - English course in Northampton, Direct Sourcing & Engagement Specialist, Talent Works International Ltd.

"English classes are running really well! Rikki's lessons are matching my learning expectations and needs perfectly."
Erika Rosier - English course in Aberdeen.

"My lessons are going fine and I'm very happy with Maggie, my tutor!"
Neringa Peckute - English course.

"The lessons are challenging, very informative, and definitely very helpful."
Petya Koleva - English course in Luton.

"After this training I am challenged to continue studying!"
Jo Bethwaite - English course in Colchester, Cobb Europe Ltd.

"I am pleased with the lessons and the teacher, I hope to be soon taking the IELTS test, which Louise is helping me with. "
Lydia Garcia - English course in Norwich.

"Emma's teaching method was perfect. It appears she has lots of experience in teaching people of other languages. I'm very pleased to have her and to be learning with Listen and Learn."
Tahmina Khan - English course in Cardiff.

"I am very satisfied with my lessons and with Terry, the teacher, of course. I can see some progress in my speaking English and I am very happy."
Natasza lech - English course in Birmingham.

"Our feedback is really positive: Lucy, the teacher, is brilliant. She's had a lot of patience, been flexible when required but strict and demanding at the same time. Very professional."
Felipe Penacoba - English course in Milton Keynes.

Farsi Testimonials

"Everything's going great thank you! I get along great with my teacher Samar."
Neguine Boumedine - Farsi course in Brighton.

Sara McCullum
Spanish in Peterborough

“Listen & Learn seemed to be the most professional, and when I began to enquire, very much lived up to my expectations. ”

Pilar Vidal
German in Belfast

“Having a teacher that got involved in my learning process and adapted to my interests and learning goals was the most important thing for me.”

Finnish Testimonials

"The teacher is always very positive and enthusiastic, mixing up the lessons with both listening/grammar/reading/watching/exercise, etc. to make it very appealing and interesting. "
Denise OHalloran - Finnish course in Cork, EMC Information Systems International.

French Testimonials

"The first class was awesome and the teacher is so nice and good."
Mansour Helmi - French course in Newcastle.

"Lessons were excellent. The trainer Rachel is lovely."
Karl Hudson - French course in Manchester, Regional General Manager, Norbert Dentressangle Logistics.

"Mamadou is fantastic. Many thanks for all your help."
Nola Watson - French course in Leeds, Event Manager, Flower Power Events.

"I enjoyed my course very much."
David Kelly - French course in Dublin.

"I’m very pleased with my teacher, Carine. She’s very organized and the lessons are logical and easy to follow."
Mark Rummings - French course in Crawley, CGG Veritas.

"My teacher provides a good mix of learning materials: books, videos, conversations, etc. And, most importantly, I’m enjoying it."
Liam Salvin - French course in Sheffield, Product Manager, Johnson & Johnson.

"Carine, my tutor, is very organized and provies very logical lessons."
Katie Baker / Mark Rummins - French course in Crawley.

"Thank you for finding my teacher, Ale, for me! He’s great and the classes are going very well."
Dawn Morris - French course in London, BioTrial.

"She’s a very good tutor and I am happy I met her. She transformed my basic French to a much better French!"
Omobolanle Olaopa - French course in Portsmouth.

"I'm about halfway through my course, and my conversational skills have improved drastically!"
Garry Pointer - French course in Newcastle.

"The course is going very well, and I'm happy with my trainer, and the progress I've made!"
Louis Requena - French course in Edinburgh, Foot Locker Europe BV.

"The lessons have been good! Edouard was very friendly, a good teacher and brought comprehensive materials suited to what I wanted to practice."
Marcus Gustafsson - French course in Edinburgh.

"I wish i had time for extra lessons and would highly recommend you guys to anyone."
Ryan Doherty - French course in Dublin.

"My verbal French and vocabulary has increased massively along with my ability to speak on many subjects."
Pamela Hume - French course in York.

"My teacher is flexible and very helpful. I would recommend her without question!"
Eric Gussin - French course in Southampton, Lonza Ltd.

"We have now had 13 lessons and are realising that we now know an awful lot more than we thought. The fact that we can now talk to each other and utilise the appropriate tenses is a great example."
Myles Andrews - French course in Leeds.

"The first lesson went very well. We covered a lot of the basic french in the first two hours. Brilliant! Thank you for your help."
Andres Sinclair - French course in Southampton.

German Testimonials

"The course is going well and the feedback from students is excellent. They have been very complimentary about Jane the tutor."
Allan Nesbit - German course in Birmingham, Training Officer, Draeger.

"The German lessons are going very well and I am really satisfied with Birgit as a teacher."
Alberto Carignano - German course in Cambridge.

"German lessons are going very well."
Ronan Quinn - German course in Dublin, Financial Controller, GLS Ireland Ltd.

"The classes are going very well! It’s good I can say that even when I’m assigned homework!"
David Scott - German course in Crawley, Sales Director, UK and Ireland, Medical Systems.

"The classes are going very well and I am very happy with Olivia as a teacher. I feel I am progressing and am very motivated to continue."
Pilar Vidal Romero - German course in Belfast.

"Becky is very happy with her tutor, Karen. She was extremely well prepared and Becky has really enjoyed her lessons. We are very happy with this teacher."
Becky Felgate - German course in Northampton.

"Alle ist sehr gut danke!"
Chris Green - German course in Nottingham, European Business Development Director, RotoMetrics.

"Lessons are always enjoyable and the convenience of taking the lessons at home ensures I can maximise my working time as I don't have to travel. Overall very pleased."
RotoMetrics International Limited - German course in Derby.

"Carmen's approach and style of teaching is very good and I am very pleased."
Richard Stack - German course in Belfast.

"Everyone in the company is enjoying learning German with Marie!"
Peter Keen - German course in Bournemouth, IEC Ltd.

"Things are going well. Annette, our teacher, is excellent. I am really happy with her pace and style. "
Tarnia Bambrook - German course in Manchester.

"The lessons are going well. The teaching is excellent and I am being challenged."
Norman Leslie - German course in Edinburgh.

"My teacher was very good and the course will be really useful."
Jessica Patterson - German course in Sunderland.

Greek Testimonials

"I am enjoying the course very much – just wish that I had started doing it when I was younger!"
Viviene Ferguson - Greek course in Peterborough.

"Greek is not the easiest language to learn, but we have a great teacher and the lessons are going well – the two hours are gone in a flash!"
Ann Miles - Greek course in Portsmouth.

"My lessons with Polina are very good; I'm really pleased with our progress in Greek!"
Laura-Lee Apostolou - Greek course in Dublin.

Hebrew Testimonials

"The trainer Doug has helped me a lot. I went through the main components of what I wanted to look at."
Nicola Clarkson - Hebrew course in Nottingham.

"Our classes were great. We can say we are satisfied with your services and the teaching."
Miguel Lacerda - Hebrew course in London, Pastor, Victory Youth Group UK.

" It was hard and I still don't know everything, but I'm very glad I did it – it has helped me a lot."
Claire Wood - Hebrew course in Bristol.

"I was surprised that Listen & Learn would be able to source a Hebrew teacher for me in Ireland!"
Richard Godfrey - Hebrew course in Dublin.

Hungarian Testimonials

"Things are going well, we have our last lesson at the end of this week. Agi has been a great teacher, very informative and helpful. "
Chris Byrne - Hungarian course in Liverpool.

Indonesian Testimonials

"I feel that I learnt a lot and was given material that was a good base for learning. I have a lot of homework but that is ok."
Jared Amelia - Indonesian course in Aberdeen.

"Lessons are going great - Ranny is a really good teacher. I feel I'm improving very quickly."
Steve Hervouet - Indonesian course in Bournemouth.

Italian Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Isabella my teacher."
Angharad Lawson - Italian course in Plymouth.

"I would like to thank your company and in particular Valentina for an excellent programme and wonderful support."
Louise Selby - Italian course in Bristol, Sales and Logistics Administrator, Gloster Furniture Limited.

"I’ve just begun lessons, and the course is already exceeding expectations! Thanks."
Karen Jones - Italian course in Edinburgh.

"Our teacher brought a variety of material to the classes which has varied the learning material: grammar exercises, listening, reading, films, etc. I will miss these classes!"
Clare Fothergill - Italian course in Reading.

"Each meeting has been well structured, with varying methods of teaching adopted, keeping the lessons varied and interesting."
Graham Dixon - Italian course in Bournemouth.

"We are very happy with our Italian lessons. Carmela is always very patient and constantly thinking of ways in which she can make learning interesting for the children. "
Susan Garrone - Italian course in Stockport.

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Japanese Testimonials

"The Japanese lessons are going well and I'm completely satisfied with all areas of the course."
James Bush - Japanese course in Harrogate.

"So far the Japanese lessons are going very well thank you."
Yash Nagar - Japanese course in Coventry.

"I really enjoyed my first lesson and can`t wait for the rest of them. Katherine my trainer and I get along well."
Gary Hiscutt - Japanese course in Portsmouth.

"We are enjoying the course and find Maki very competent. The pace of the course and the materials provided are good and we are making good progress."
Farrokh Farmand - Japanese course in Newcastle, Spheric-Trafalgar Ltd..

"I am very happy with my lessons."
Eva Krug - Japanese course.

"The lessons are going very well."
Lara Lechner - Japanese course in Swansea.

"Aaron is an autistic child, so Yumiko, his teacher did a brilliant job!! I am very pleased with his achievements with the support from all of you."
Jacqueline Mahoney - Japanese course in Warrington, Social Worker.

"Everything was great from start to finish. My teacher was obviously very qualified, and the administration support was great!"
Steven Howden - Japanese course in Cardiff.

"The flexibility of the course, support and payment plan are the three main reasons I am so happy to study with Listen & Learn and I would highly recommend this to anyone."
Maddison Culley - Japanese course in Newcastle.

Macedonian Testimonials

"Dragana is brilliant. She is very friendly and made the lesson fun."
Elizabeth Kirova - Macedonian course in London.

Mandarin Chinese Testimonials

"Thank you again we really had a great experience. Kan Lee is an excellent teacher and we will really miss her."
Mark Donovan - Mandarin Chinese course in Dublin, Director, Mark Donovan & Associates limited.

"The lessons have been very good and Rowena our teacher has been very helpful."
Thomas Peter - Mandarin Chinese course in Milton Keynes, Chief Information Officer, Daimler.

"I've been in China, I used the stuff I have learnt and it was very useful!"
Philip Jarman - Mandarin Chinese course in Cardiff, International & Postgraduate Recruitment Officer, Swansea University.

Norwegian Testimonials

"I am doing very well! I have really benefitted from spending the time we have with Kjersti my trainer."
Becky Pearson - Norwegian course in Bristol, CEO, Community Foster Care.

"The Norwegian lessons are going so smoothly. We are super pleased with the teacher personally and her learning skills are great."
Maria Diouf - Norwegian course in Manchester.

Polish Testimonials

"The lessons are going very well and we have a great teacher!"
Gary Steward - Polish course in Coventry.

Portuguese Testimonials

"Sessions are excellent and I have already overcome fear of talking. I totally recommend Miguel my teacher."
Simon Crossley - Portuguese course in Bristol, Customer Marketing Director, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd.

"My teacher Valeria is very helpful and enthusiastic."
David Mortimer - Portuguese course in Exeter.

"My teacher is excellent. She is very friendly, energetic and engaged. I'm very pleased with the way things are going."
Tom Brothwell - Portuguese course in Bristol.

"The lessons are going well and are very enjoyably (even the difficult one’s!)."
Gavin Coleman - Portuguese course in Newcastle.

"The lessons are going great – Camila has good understanding of my learning style and her teaching style works well. She also covers some history behind the language which is good part of understanding Brazil and Portuguese!"
Manjeet Jheeta - Portuguese course in Crawley.

"The course will assist my language learning immeasurably."
Shaun Hancox - Portuguese course in Birmingham.

"Our lessons are both fun and challenging which I think is a good combination!"
Sara Jones - Portuguese course in Milton Keynes.

"The lessons are going very well. We are working a lot around the speaking and listening skills, which are the areas were I want to improve. I feel I have made important steps forward during this period."
Mariacristina Armellin - Portuguese course in Milton Keynes.

"My teacher is just brilliant! I'm very impressed and happy."
JoJo Fabian - Portuguese course in Brighton.

Romanian Testimonials

" I'm starting to pick up the basics and supplementing the course with recommended books and audio material which helps me progress."
Mark Foster - Romanian course in Bristol.

Russian Testimonials

"In terms of feedback, I can give you 5 out of 5 for everything."
Robert Middleton - Russian course in Bristol, PMP, GradDipAppSc..

"The lessons are going really well. Irina has been a really good teacher and I've learnt a lot, especially considering I had no knowledge of Russian when I started. "
Lorna hicks - Russian course in Portsmouth.

"Darya is very accomodating and flexible and friendly. Her lessons are always well planned and she always has homework for me."
Fiona Overbeke - Russian course in Bristol.

"Your staff obviously took my wishlist into consideration, because my teacher really fulfilled all my expectations."
Anne-Lise Bakke - Russian course in Edinburgh.

Spanish Testimonials

"Everything is perfect – Ada, my teacher, is very patient."
Ciaran McArdle - Spanish course in Dublin, Research Platform Head, Henkel.

"Everything going very well."
Anita Barrett - Spanish course in Cork, Sector PMO, PepsiCo.

"So far so good, Sonia my trainer is really nice, and we are proceeding quite well."
Marcello Golfieri - Spanish course in Cork.

"My lessons are very enjoyable and I have an excellent teacher who is patient and flexible! I enjoy working with her and can see she is passionate about what she does."
Frank Arnetta - Spanish course in Cork, VP Manufacturing, Pepsi Co.

"My first lesson with Adriana was lovely! We’ve been practicing every day and I look forward to this week’s lesson."
Kerry Smith - Spanish course in Aberdeen, The Warehouse Health Club.

"The pace and content were great, and the approach was exactly what we were looking for!"
Phil Latham - Spanish course in Bradford, Performance & Execution Manager, Equifax.

"My daughter and wife have been attending the lessons. They are both impressed with Amaia and speak very highly of her."
Dexter Outhwaite - Spanish course in Wakefield.

"Fransisca, my teacher, knows that I want to fit level one into 24 hours if I can, and she is working hard to maintain a pace through the sessions to help me achieve this."
Sara McCartney - Spanish course in Harrogate, Finance and Operations Director, GeoPlan.

"The first lesson was great! I really like Nancy. I am really pleased to be doing this!"
Judith Waters - Spanish course in Newcastle.

"Everything is going really well and Elana is very good!"
Cara Matthews - Spanish course in Bradford, Equifax Ltd.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the course and loving every moment of being able to converse with Gloria."
Mark Bransby - Spanish course in Cardiff.

Swahili Testimonials

"We are all enjoying the Swahili lessons."
Anne Theroux - Swahili course in London.

"I've thoroughly enjoyed my Swahili lessons and will certainly be considering more in the future! I'll be sure to recommend you to any friends or family who may want to learn a new language."
Kathleen Mathers - Swahili course in London.

Swedish Testimonials

"My Swedish lessons are going well and I've learned a lot!"
Marie Claude Chattemiche - Swedish course in Galway.

" Maddie is very clear, supportive and encouraging in her teaching and the classes go very quickly."
John Pender - Swedish course in Dublin.

"I am getting on well with my lessons and look forward to continuing."
Damien Swanson - Swedish course in Cardiff.

Turkish Testimonials

"My lessons are going very well. I am enjoying my lessons with my teacher. She is a lovely person and a fantastic teacher."
Vicky Armitage - Turkish course in Newcastle.

"I am enjoying my sessions with my teacher Michael and have much improved my confidence in using Turkish."
Peter Simpson - Turkish course in Liverpool.

"It’s all going very well thank you!"
Ozgur Akgul - Turkish course in New York.

"My teacher was very supportive and happy to go at my pace, also really helpful and flexible around other on-going commitments. I would definitely recommend Listen & Learn! 5 stars!"
Julie Butterworth - Turkish course, JMB Health Consultancy Ltd.

"The lessons are going great, and my teacher is lovely and very good at what she does. I have no complaints, only praise."
Beliz Namli - Turkish course in Leeds, Ceramica Impex Ltd..

" I would whole heartedly recommend Listen & Learn to anyone that is looking to find a language instructor. Thank you again for all of your help."
Bradley Ellis - Turkish course in Galway.

Ukrainian Testimonials

"The lessons are going very well. Mila is good teacher, and the textbook is very thorough. Thank you Language Trainers!"
Kathryn Bell - Ukrainian course in Peterborough.

Vietnamese Testimonials

"The lessons are very good, and I am very happy with my teacher."
Joy Notter - Vietnamese course in Birmingham, Birmingham City University.

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Ascot International
Language learned: Hindi in London.

BJ Services Company Limited
Language learned: French in Aberdeen.

Merck Chemicals Ltd.
Language learned: English in Nottingham.