Japanese, with its own writing system, a different way of counting and complex grammar, can be a challenge for English speakers. But don’t worry: so long as you’re truly motivated to learn, we can help you! Whatever your reasons for learning the language, be it for travelling, socialising or for professional reasons, you can acquire Japanese in a short time with our professional, native-speaking instructors at Listen & Learn. Contact us today and get started!


What will you learn with us?

Are you an absolute beginner who has never uttered a word of Japanese? Then, you’ll start with our Survival course, a programme where you’ll get familiar with the Japanese alphabet (Hiragana or Katakana) and start acquiring some basic vocabulary and skills to hold conversations in a short time. For example, you’ll learn some greetings (ohayoo gozaimasu, konnichiwa) requests (Motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai - “can you speak more slowly?”) and ways to thank others (Arigato). Your lessons will be focused on communication, so you’ll be exposed to Japanese from the beginning.


How will your lessons be structured?

Plus, your instructors will plan the course around the real-life resources best suited to your interests and goals. Enjoy and learn from Anime series (One Piece, Naruto or Sakura are great options!), online presentations, movies, J-pop songs or manga. Just communicate your preferences to your tutor, so they can plan your perfect syllabus!


Why take online Japanese lessons?

  • Stay at home and take your online lessons in a safe, convenient way.
  • As our tutors don’t have to travel to teach a Japanese class, they can be more flexible in case you need to reschedule. Just get in touch with one business day’s notice.
  • Taking online language courses does not mean you have to study alone. Listen & Learn offers you the chance to study with up to 8 friends or co-workers in small, closed-group sessions.
  • You only need Skype and a stable internet connection to get started!

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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