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Mandarin Chinese Courses in Galway

All of our Mandarin Chinese teachers are native speakers and appropriately qualified to teach the language at almost any level, keeping in mind your own learning needs and current level. Classes can be held in your Galway home or workplace, and can easily be arranged to fit your schedule. We'll provide your initial text books, all you need to do is decide which of the following available course packages best suits your needs:

Standard One-to-One Courses in General Mandarin Chinese

Everybody can benefit from our general Mandarin Chinese courses - they endeavour to give the learner fluency in general Mandarin Chinese conversation, whether through learning the basics or improving existing skills. General courses concentrate mainly on sharpening up grammar and vocabulary, and aim to expand the ability to speak, read and listen Mandarin Chinese with full comprehension. These courses will be most suitable for those who want to improve their Mandarin Chinese to a practicable level, or as a basis for a business Mandarin Chinese course.

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Standard Group Courses in General Mandarin Chinese

As the ideal starting point for a group of people wishing to gain a strong acquaintance with the ins and outs of conversational Mandarin Chinese, these group classes can be arranged for groups as small as 2 people, and as large as 12 - our only provisos are that the whole class are able to meet at a consistent time and place each week, and are all of the same approximate Mandarin Chinese level. General courses cover all the grammar and vocabulary you need to gain a practicable advantage in your spoken and written Mandarin Chinese, and are also an excellent basis for further Mandarin Chinese study.

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Standard One-to-One Courses in Business Mandarin Chinese

One-to-one business Mandarin Chinese courses are aimed at learners who already have at least a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, but would like to further develop their skills in business communication. Our courses can be adapted to focus on your particular industry, and your trainer can help you with specific areas of skill development, such as report-writing, dictation, or business correspondence. Business Mandarin Chinese courses are great for any professionals who would benefit from further knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, including those working in multinational companies, preparing for international transfer, or seeking a new position. Many of our business students work in import/export, international negotiations and acquisitions, academia, and government.

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Standard Group Courses in Business Mandarin Chinese

Intended for learners who already have a basic grasp of Mandarin Chinese and wish to extend it to apply to their working lives, group business Mandarin Chinese courses are a great way to enable employees within a multinational corporation to be productive in both their native tongue and their newly-acquired Mandarin Chinese. Group courses cater for up to 12 people (minimum of 2 students), and should be scheduled to take place at the same time and location each week. The tutor will develop the group's vocabulary to suit the related industry, as well as improve competence for day to day tasks performed in Mandarin Chinese.

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Standard One-to-One Courses in Specific Purposes Mandarin Chinese

For individuals at intermediate or advanced level Mandarin Chinese who have specific professional or interest-related language requirements, we are more than happy to incorporate any of the following elements into your language course:

• Accent softening and elocution
•Training to improve particular
• language skills (writing, comprehension, listening)
• Language for international travel
• Business communication skills (e.g. telephony, presentation, training, negotiation)
• Business writing skills (e.g. reports, business correspondence, proposals)
• Language for specific industries (e.g. medical, legal, HR, engineering, accounting)
• Historical and cultural sensitivity

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Standard Group Courses in Specific Purposes Mandarin Chinese

While your group may be improving their Mandarin Chinese skills with each lesson, there are many elements of Mandarin Chinese that go beyond simply knowing the right word, or the right way to phrase something. Our specific purposes Mandarin Chinese group courses can help you gain skills that increase other facets of your group’s Mandarin Chinese abilities, including:

• Accent softening / pronunciation Developing existing aptitude for writing, reading, listening, speaking, etc.
• Language for international travel
• Business communication skills (e.g. training, negotiation, telephony, presentation)
• Business writing skills (e.g. proposals, reports, formal correspondence)
• Vocabulary for particular industry (e.g. medical, legal, HR, engineering, accounting)
• Understanding historical and cultural context

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Mandarin Chinese Testimonials

"My teacher was GREAT and I learned a lot. She is a wonderful tutor for Mandarin and I was very glad to have her. Thank you very much Listen & Learn!"

Dylan P., Mandarin course in Rochester

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