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10 Must-Know Phrases For Your Turkish Adventure

Traveling abroad can be a risky business; you never quite know what challenges or adventures you may be faced with. Of course, all this is part of what makes travel so wonderful and alluring, and shouldn’t stop you, the intrepid adventurer, from heading off into the great unknown! Turkey is perhaps one of the most fascinating countries on Earth, and should be at the top of your list when it comes to chasing that next exciting experience. But don’t head off unprepared, check out these top 10 Turkish survival phrases so you’ll be ready to face whatever situations your journey will surely throw your way. 1. Turkey is a wonderful country. (Türkiye çok güzel bir ülkedir.) This is probably the most useful survival phrase you’ll ever need to know. Why? Because everyone loves it when you say something nice about their country! Whatever situation you may find yourself in, a good compliment will always smooth things over.

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2. Can you speak slowly? (Daha yavaş konuşabilir misin(iz)?) This is one of those phrases that is essential if you’re trying your hand at learning or improving your Turkish during your travels. Remember, slow but steady wins the race! 3. Do you speak English? (Ingilizce biliyor musunuz?) Don’t leave home without this one, folks. When all else fails, finding an English speaker can be very useful, especially if number #2 on our list isn’t yielding any results for you. 4. Can I have a map? (Bir harita alabilir miyim?) You won’t get very far if you don’t know where or how to get there, and knowing how to ask for a map can be invaluable at subway and train stations, tourist centers, and convenience stores.

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5. How much is this? (Ne kadar?) You’ll want be able to ask how much your map is when you’re picking it up. Or how much that really cute Turkish tea set is that you’re dying to take home with you. 6. Where’s the bathroom? (Tuvalet nerede?) Ah yes, the standard go-to phrase that everyone must know in every language before heading abroad. Keep it close at hand so that you’re never stuck having to pee but not knowing which way to go. 7. Help! (Imdat!) Although you may hope you never have to use this phrase, it’s still a good idea to memorize it just in case. Shouting it out in Turkish as opposed to English will probably garner you a quicker reaction anyways.

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8. Can you recommend a hotel? (Bir otel tavsiye edebilir misiniz?) If you’re not the type that likes to plan every single detail out in advance, you may find yourself in need of this particular Turkish phrase. And locals always know the best places to stay, don’t they? 9. I need a doctor. (Bana bir doktor lâzım.) Just like #7, this is one you hope you’ll never use but still want to know. Whether it’s food poisoning or a wound from a bad fall, this phrase will make getting help all the easier. 10. I don’t understand. (Anlamadım.) Keeping your cool when you’re faced with a new culture and language is essential and good communication when it comes to what you do and don’t understand is important if you want to have smooth journey in Turkey. You may think that these 10 phrases have you covered when it comes to traveling in Turkey, but your survival pack isn’t quite finished yet! In many areas across Turkey, you’ll find that most locals can’t communicate in English which means it’s up to you to brush up on your Turkish before you begin your trip. Take a free online placement test and sign up for some excellent language classes and you’ll be using these survival phrases and chatting your way across Turkey in no time at all!