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Two great newspapers to help you learn French

Newspapers are an incredible resource when you are learning a language. No, seriously. Even if you find world news currently too miserable and foreboding, there is something interesting (or even maybe escapist?) to read in our newspapers. Don’t believe us? Then let us try to convince you! Here are some newspapers written in French that(…)

Four great newspapers to help you learn Spanish

The best way to learn any language is to take your study material from a range of sources, both those intended for language students and those for native speakers. Newspapers are perfect for this! They can be a great way to gauge how your studies are going, and teach you the most current vocabulary as(…)

4 Best Newspapers To Help You Learn Arabic

Newspapers are one of the best resources you can use when learning a language. By reading the very latest news you’ll expose yourself to the most relevant language, gaining an understanding through a range of Arabic speakers. Learning Arabic and want to know which newspapers to look for? We can help! Here are the best(…)

The three best newspapers to help you learn Italian

Keeping up to date with the news is one of the best ways you can truly absorb a language. You get to know what people are speaking about in that language today, learn colloquialisms and slang, and pick up a range of ways people express themselves when sharing the news. The internet has given us(…)

The Hong Kong Protests

The Hong Kong protests seem to have been raging for months now, filling global news with images of violent clashes between masked protestors and police. A lot of controversy surrounds these protests and the governmental decisions that led to them. If you’re currently studying Mandarin, news stories covering these protests are a wealth of resources(…)

The three best newspapers to help you learn German

Looking for some realia to help you with your German learning? Look no further than German newspapers! With constant up to date use of the language on every current topic of conversation, there is little better way to practice. And thanks to the internet and so many newspapers now available digitally, an incredible resource for(…)

5 great films to help you learn Italian

Learning Italian? Want an easy way to check your understanding? Italian cinema is here for you! What better way to recap your studies and get real Italian pronunciation and language in use without doing anything more strenuous than pointing your remote at the TV. Here are some of the best Italian films to help you(…)

5 great films to help you learn Spanish

Learning Spanish? There are many great movies that you can waatch to improve your Spanish skills. Click here to discover the best films to help you learn Spanish!

The key to successfully learning a language is to find ways of practicing that don’t make you yawn. Taking on an entirely new vocabulary that follows completely different grammar rules than you’re used to can be challenging enough, without your study material boring you to tears! So if you’re at that point in your Spanish(…)

4 Spanish stereotypes that are (actually) true

Ever heard about these Spanish stereotypes? Want to know which ones are actually true? Click here to find out!

Lazy. Loud. Lengthy siestas to sleep away a sunny afternoon. The typical Spanish stereotypes paint an unfair image of Spaniards! But there must be some things we assume about our Spanish friends that are true, right? Here are some stereotypes about the Spanish that are actually true.     A different schedule   It is(…)