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5 awesome tips to learn Italian with music

Learning Italian? Why not help your studies with music? Click here to get the best tips for using music to learn Italian!

If learning languages didn’t come naturally to you growing up, it’s possible the thought of trying to now doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. But it can be! Out with stale textbooks and repeating phrases that you’ll never use, and instead find ways you enjoy learning. Like music, for example, which can be one(…)

5 awesome tips to learn Spanish with music

Learning Spanish? Why not help your studies with music? Click here to get the best tips for using music to learn Spanish!

Alexa. Play Despacito. Not because we’re sad, but because we want to learn Spanish! If you picked up even a couple of words of this song that invaded our lives and just won’t quit it, you’ll know music is an effective way to help you learn a language. Whether you want to or not. So(…)

5 great Netflix movie recommendations to help you learn French

Click here and discover 5 incredible Netflix shows and films to help you learn French

Ah, Netflix. You may be cancelling half the shows we love, or suggesting us things that show you really don’t know us at all. But you’re still our favourite place to go when we need something new to watch! Especially us language lovers; where else would we go for films and shows in our target(…)

6 podcasts that will make your French skills soar

What are the best podcasts to learn French

It seems like just about everyone we speak to has a favourite podcast. And since we aren’t people who like to miss an opportunity, we are combining our love of podcasts with our passion for languages. Why not combine two incredible things into something fun! This time we are taking a look at the best(…)

People in Belarus Speak More than just Belarusian

There will be some of you who have only heard of Belarus because of its sporadic appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004. Comparatively-speaking, perhaps Belarus doesn’t have quite as many languages to offer as some of the other countries we’ve visited on our quest for all things multilingual, but it still deserves a(…)