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3 great newspapers to help you learn English

Newspapers are a great source when learning a language. You get the most current of news using the most modern language, and might learn a thing or two that is relevant along the way besides! No more stuffy textbooks for you! If you are learning English, here are some of the best newspapers to help.


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USA Today

For those wanting to learn American English, USA Today should be your newspaper of choice. Its landing page has a very simplistic layout giving you sections above a black bar towards the page and Top Headlines listed down the right side. The most current headline is set in the middle of the page with a larger picture and a quick description of the subject, with other important stories getting smaller pictures and a headline to the left and below. Be aware that a lot of the articles will be behind a paywall so you will have to navigate your way around that! 


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At the very top of the page, there are four other 'sections' that contain longer pieces of a subject area for you to work through. So if you wanted to read about the natural wonders of the U.S., try 50 States, for example, here is where to look! What about regular sections? You have entertainment, life, and opinion to work through, among others. These sections tend to have slightly easier pieces for you to read, so if you are new to using newspapers as a source of language learning perhaps choose these first. Not sure where to start? Try this headline article on a recent shooting to get to grips with the USA Today's writing style. You can even sign up for the Evening Briefing meaning news will be delivered to your email and you won't have to think about what to choose!


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The Guardian

If British English is what you would prefer to be speaking, the Guardian might be your best bet. Section links are at the top of the page in the blue bar, leading you to things like opinion, sport, and culture. Beneath this header are further sections if you want them, like environment and UK politics. The biggest current story has the largest picture at the top of the page along with a headline and brief summary of the situation. Other big stories are beneath with similar layouts, and news with a little less urgently are displayed to the right of the page with the subject title and a headline. 

If you scroll further down the page you will come to the 'spotlight' section which could be a good start for first time Guardian readers. You can read opinion pieces about the weekend, or look at the changes war makes to what we eat. Though if what you are looking for is real, down-to-earth British English, you need to head for the letters section. Here the general public gets to write in with their thought pieces about the state of the nation and world, giving you an insight into the British outlook and how everyday English is used. You can read about farming, immigration, and even the Israel-Palestine conflict. Overall, the Guardian is a great read for English learners, with clear language used and a range of subjects.


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Herald Sun

Finally, if you want your English to have a more Australian feel, try the Herald Sun. You can choose sections like entertainment, business, and lifestyle. Headline stories have large photographs, headlines, and a summary, while less prominent news is displayed with a thumbnail image and a headline. The superfooty section links you to all the latest in football (and other sport) news, featuring about halfway down the main page. The Leader section contains all 'current' news articles that don't quite make the cut of headline. And if true crime is your thing, well then the Herald Sun even has a section dedicated to that on its landing page. Which is one way to learn English! At least you'll learn some specialist language! Overall, the articles in the Herald Sun are easy to read and great for English students.

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