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3 Weird Ways to Improve Your Language Skills (Part II)

Watch the Cartoons

I enjoy a bit of Dora in Spanish it has to be said. Foreign language cartoons are brilliant for learning some new words as they are usual pretty basic and repetitive when it comes to the words they use. If you want Spanish lessons Brighton is ideal for buying a few kids’ DVDs and settling down with those funny little creatures whose back garden turns into an adventure world or those little animals who rescue other little animals. The only problem I can find with doing this is that it becomes quite addictive after a while and I now end up turning over from the news channel or from a travel programme to see what problems Dora and her little monkey friend have run into this week.

Watch Some Football

One of the best games of football I have seen was in La Paz. The only problem with it was that I misheard what the policemen told me and I wandered into the end occupied by supporters of The Strongest while kitted out in my lovely new Bolivar hat and scarf. The fans around me seemed to see the funny side of it and I even get some photos taken next to them. If you are taking German courses London offers plenty of ways of heading across to Germany to see a game. By doing this you will get to hear a lot of new words, although some of them might not be entirely acceptable in polite company.