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4 Shameless Ways of Learning French!

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve tried every learning tip in the “How to Learn French” book? Would you like to go beyond French podcasts for learners and tongue-twisters and try more immersive ways of learning the language? In this blog, we’ll explore 4 shameless ways of gaining fluency in the French language. But be warned—these methods are not for the faint of heart; they're designed for those brave souls eager to break out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves fully in the language. So if you're up for the challenge, read on to discover how you can add a bold twist to your French learning journey.

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1.  Sing Karaoke in French

If you're a language learner, you probably already know that singing is one of the most memorable ways to learn vocabulary. When you learn a song in French, that's at least three minutes of the language that you know by heart. The first shameless way to learn French on this list takes things a step further. After all, it wouldn't be considered shameless if it didn't. Next time you visit a karaoke bar, instead of opting for the same old English songs, request a tune by Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, or another French favourite of yours and impress your friends with your French skills.

The benefit:

Singing, as opposed to speaking, lies in its structure and predictability. While speaking French requires you to think on your feet and come up with words and sentences on the spot, singing is on the repetition of lyrics that you've already memorised. Performing a song in French in front of an audience allows you to practise the language without the pressure of spontaneous conversation. This experience can significantly reduce the anxiety associated with speaking a new language. As you grow more comfortable performing songs, this confidence can transfer to speaking French in other settings, helping to dissolve your fear of making mistakes or not finding the right words when speaking.

2.  Explore French Tinder

Did you know that Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world, allows you to go global? Yes, you heard that right. By adjusting your location settings, you can start matching with people in French-speaking countries or areas. This method is not just for finding love or making friends; it's also a unique way to practise your French conversational skills. Start chatting with your matches in French, and don't be shy to ask for corrections or explanations if you don't understand something. It's a fun, interactive way to engage with native speakers and immerse yourself in everyday French, whether you’re curious about French swearwords, French idioms, or French romantic phrases.

The benefit:

Engaging with French speakers on Tinder allows you to practise your language skills in real-life, conversational settings. Unlike traditional language lessons, this method puts you in direct contact with native speakers, offering a more natural learning environment. This can lead to a deeper understanding of not only the language but also the cultural nuances that come with it. Plus, who knows? You may end up finding much more than a French learning guide.

3.  Join or Set Up a French-Language Theatre Company

Theatre is a powerful medium for storytelling and expression. So, why not take your love for French to the stage by joining or setting up a French-language theatre company? Doing theatre in French, not only provides a fun and creative outlet, but it also immerses you in the language in a very dynamic and interactive way. By engaging with scripts, dialogues, and performances in French, you'll develop a deeper understanding of the language's structure, rhythm, and cultural references.

The benefit:

As you rehearse and perform in French, you're not just reciting words; you're living them, which helps to solidify your language skills in a meaningful and lasting way. Additionally, being part of a theatre group provides a supportive community where you can practice speaking and listening in French, receive feedback, and learn from others. This active engagement with the language and culture can dramatically improve your fluency and confidence in French.

4.  Be French for a Day

Embrace the language fully by dedicating an entire day to speaking only French with a fellow language learner. Imagine setting out on an urban adventure where every conversation, every decision, and every interaction takes place in French. Picture yourselves wandering through an art gallery, analysing and debating the paintings entirely in French, or sitting in a cosy café, discussing your menu choices in the language. You can even pretend, just for this day, that you only understand and speak French—even with the waiter at the bar or the stranger asking for directions!

The benefit:

Immersing yourself in French for an entire day accelerates your language learning by forcing you to apply your skills in a variety of real-life situations. This method, often referred to as a "language immersion," encourages active thinking in French and helps you transition from passive understanding to active usage, leading to significant improvements in your conversational skills, confidence, and overall fluency.

Go the Extra Mile: Learn French with a Native Speaker

Embarking on the journey of learning French can often feel like navigating through a dense forest of vocabulary, grammar rules, and pronunciation nuances. Yet, as we've explored in this blog, stepping out of your comfort zone with unconventional methods can dramatically enhance your fluency and confidence in the language. Whether it's singing your heart out in French karaoke or dedicating a whole day to living la vie française, each method offers a unique, immersive experience that transcends traditional learning boundaries.

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However, we understand that diving into these experiences might be daunting for some. That's where Listen & Learn comes in. With us, you can complement these bold, immersive methods with the structured support of one-to-one French lessons tailored to your individual learning style and goals. In a private lesson setting, you receive personalised attention and guidance from experienced teachers who will help refine your skills, build your confidence, and prepare you to make the most of your shameless French learning adventures.

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