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5 great films to help you learn English

Working hard learning English? Why not take a break that won't leave you feeling guilty for not studying? Watching movies is a great way to learn a language! From hearing the perfect pronunciation to exposing yourself to a variety of accents, movies are an incredible learning tool. Pop the subtitles on, get your favorite snacks, and settle back. Here are some great movies to help you learn English.


Notting Hill


Notting Hill is a romantic comedy classic set in Britain. With a cast led by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, this is the story of Anna Scott, an American actress who arrives in the book shop of William Thacker (Hugh Grant) and in doing so changes his life. Follow these two hapless romantics attempt to navigate a relationship coming from two very different life experiences, and fall in love with them both along the way! This is a particularly good movie for learning English with because although you have a British setting you also have the contrast of American English, spoken so you can see the subtle differences. Here is the trailer to help you decide if Notting Hill is a movie for you.



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The Lion King


Whether you're a fan of the original animated version of The Lion King or are looking forward to the new live action version, this is a great movie to practice your English with. You have probably seen the movie multiple times in your native language so you know what to expect; why not try watching without subtitles to see how much you really understand? If you haven't seen The Lion King, here is a quick summary. Mufasa is the current Lion King and is expected to hand the throne over to his son Simba when he is an adult. But Mufasa's brother Scar plots to usurp the throne, sending Simba on an epic adventure on which he makes new friends and learns what it means to be a king. Here is the trailer for the new movie; how many celebrity voices do you recognize?



Photo via Pixabay

The Avengers Movies


To date, there are 22 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means you have a lot of material to practice English with. Whether you are a fan of Thor, Captain America, or Black Panther there is a movie — or a number of movies — that are perfect for you. Put the subtitles on when watching since the action scenes are fast-paced and you might miss something. Generally speaking, however, these movies are very easy watches, and though some plots might leave you on the edge of your seat they are simple to follow. Spider Man: Far From Home is the current Marvel movie in our theaters. Which Avengers are you looking forward to seeing in the future?




The Italian Job


The Italian Job was originally released in 1969 and then rebooted in 2003, meaning you get two movies based on a  similar plot. With fast cars and thrilling chases, what isn't there to love? The original movie sees Charlie Crocker, played by Michael Caine, planning a heist in Italy by creating a traffic jam. In the 2003 version, Charlie Crocker is played by Mark Wahlberg, who enlists a group of thieves with different skills to pull off the perfect heist. Both have great casts, incredible soundtracks, and are at a pace that makes you feel like they are short movies without any of the plot being rushed. Here are the trailers for the 1969 version and the 2003 version. Which are you watching first?




Photo via Wikimedia

Star Wars


Our final choice of movies is another franchise, so you get a lot to watch! The first Star Wars three movies, episodes four, five, and six, made sci-fi fans out of a generation. Episodes one, two, and three brought a new audience to the franchise, and the current episodes starring Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac are drawing even more viewers in. You probably know the plot already, but in case you don't, the Star Wars movies are set a long time ago in a galaxy far away, during with the Resistance fights to maintain peace in the universe as the Empire tries to destroy it through its control. Here is the trailer for the very first Star Wars, A New Hope, released back in 1977.

See? There is no reason to feel guilty about taking a study break when you are watching one of these! If you want to see how your English is doing try our free online level test. And if you'd like some help studying, contact us for information about our courses.