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5 awesome podcasts for Arabic learners

If you are learning Arabic or are already fluent and looking for a way to keep your language skills fresh, here are some great podcasts for you.


5 great podcasts for Arabic learners


SBS Arabic


SBS Arabic is a great podcast to listen to if you want something current. It is a news bulletin podcast covering what is happening predominantly in Australia, but also the wider world from an Australian perspective as well. There is a new podcast every day, in fact, the podcasts are just recordings of live broadcasts, so if you're feeling particularly confident you can tune in live! There are also shorter podcasts if you're wanting something easier to listen to. Try Is the mobile phone spying on its users? for a look at how all of our devices might be keeping an eye on our every move!


BBC Xtra


This is another podcast that will keep you up to date with the latest news. BBC Xtra covers every story that impacts the Arabic-speaking world, so you might hear a discussion about the recent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in one podcast, and the reformation of the Iraqi government the next. Like SBS, you can either tune in live or listen to the daily recordings at your leisure so you can stop and start it as often as you like.


5 awesome podcasts to learn Arabic

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Weekly Donut


Sadly this podcast hasn't updated in a while but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of podcasts for you to listen to. Weekly Donut is essentially a review site that looks at films, anime, video games, and many more things besides. If you are looking to pick up specific language related to your favorite film, game, and so on, this podcast is ideal. The hosts are knowledgeable and cover a wide range of genres. Episode 51 discusses the films Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, amongst others.


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The Universe


This is the podcast for space lovers everywhere. The Universe covers every aspect of science related to space that you can imagine, from astronomy to astrophysics, and plenty more in between. What is really nice about this podcast is that despite its sometimes-difficult language — a great opportunity to pick up specific vocabulary — the host has a soothing, calm voice, so even if you're tripping over words you won't feel lost or overwhelmed. The Space Race is a great podcast to start with that discusses the moon landing, potential colonization of other planets, and plans for a mission to Mars.


5 fantastic podcasts for you to learn Arabic

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Cup and Bean


This is a new podcast with only a few episodes, but has the potential to become a firm favorite. Cup and Bean describes itself as a weekly cultural podcast, with subjects discussed so far including photography, the benefits of Omega 3, and how best to communicate with animals. This is another host with the perfect voice for learning Arabic to, calm and with an even tempo, and altogether welcoming. Cats is about, well. Cats. And what better way to get to know a podcast (and language) than by listening to stories about our feline friends?


So there you go! Five great podcasts to help you with learning Arabic. Time to make a choice and dive in!  And by the way, you might be interested in taking 1-on-1 Arabic classes at some point. Did you know that here at Listen & Learn, our teachers are all fully-qualified native speaking professionals hired for their experience and their passion for teaching? So when you are ready to improve on your Arabic skills, place a quick enquiry now, and our friendly and highly knowledgeable customer service people are going to get back to you within one business day.