How Technology Can Help You Hone Your Languages Skills (Part II)

Play Online Games

Since I mentioned games I might as well go on to talk about the fact that you can find internet games in a lot of different languages and you can even play some of them when you are far from home. This is a brilliant way of picking up new words without even really being aware of it. If they are going to take Russian courses Birmingham students should be sure to ask their native speaking teachers to recommend some games to them. Now if I can just work out what Jet Set Willy is called in Spanish my life will be complete.

Read a Book

I love reading books but I realise that some of you have moved on from paper books, haven’t you? You now read your favourite author’s finest works on a snazzy little e-reader on the train to work while I struggle to find enough elbow room to turn the old fashioned pages on my frankly quaint little collection of paper pages. Well, now you can find a foreign language book and study while doing this. To better learn Portuguese London commuters could read an electronic book while they enjoy the pleasures of the Tube. Just don’t do what I once did and miss your stop because you get too engrossed in the action.