7 travel tips you need if you’re traveling to Liverpool

Liverpool might be famous as being home to The Beatles, but there is so much more to it beyond that! Join us; let's see what this beautiful maritime city, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea, has to offer!


The Beatles


Okay, yes, so if you're visiting Liverpool you could do worse than to soak up a little of the history of the fab four themselves. The Beatles Story is a chance to step back in time following The Beatles on their rise to fame. There are audio guides available in a number of languages, permanent exhibits documenting The Beatles' success, and regular events designed to encourage musical learning through the work of The Beatles. And if you're a true fan you'll know all about The Cavern Club; why not give it a visit yourself?


Are you traveling to Liverpool? Check out these great city travel tips before you get to town!

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Royal Albert Dock


The Royal Albert Dock is a mixture of dock buildings and warehouses that have been repurposed into bars, cafes, and music venues. There is a constant programme of events so you will always find something new and interesting to either take part in or watch, or if you don't, enough cafes to sit and watch the world go by from. The Royal Albert Dock is an example of when the redevelopment of part of a city goes well, attracting locals and tourists alike.


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World Museum


Liverpool's World Museum is an impressive five floors of exhibits with galleries dedicated to natural history, archaeology, ethnology, and so many other specialties. There are interactive displays, tours, and audio guides, as well as a great cafe to take a break in from all that exploring. Also, did we mention that entrance to the World Museum is free? If it's a rainy day or you just want a quite few hours learning without really trying, then the World Museum is a perfect spot for you.


More museums


The Merseyside Maritime Museum showcases Liverpool's importance and history as a port. There are weekly events covering everything from the story of the Titanic up to displays of modern artwork. The Museum of Liverpool rightfully boasts that it is the UK's largest newly-built museum in 100 years, exhibiting Liverpool through the ages so you can take a true step back in time. The International Slavery Museum is hard for its subject matter but also a necessary reminder of Liverpool's part in the transatlantic slave trade. And if you prefer art to history, then you have both the Tate Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery. Finally, Spaceport is for big and little kids alike, exhibiting all things space and space travel.


Are you traveling to Liverpool? Check out these great city travel tips before you get to town!

St. Geroge's Hall via Wikimedia


A little architecture


You are quite spoilt for choice when it comes to architecture in Liverpool, so here are just a few choices to get you on your way. St. George's Hall is built in a Neoclassical style and is home to concert halls and law courts. It is opposite to the famous Lime Street Station which is also fairly stunning. Liverpool Cathedral is built on St. James Mount so you are guaranteed some spectacular views. The Liver Building is one of the most prominent features of Liverpool's waterfront, and the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is a place of worship with quite the modern twist! And finally, Liverpool's Central Library is a stunning building that dates back to 1860, with a rooftop terrace and an atrium staircase for you to marvel at.


Are you traveling to Liverpool? Check out these great city travel tips before you get to town!

Sefton Park via Wikimedia


A little greenery


If you need a breath of fresh air when in Liverpool you have plenty of places to go! Knowsley Safari is a zoological park home to just about every animal you can imagine. There are parts of the park that are drive-through only, and plenty of tours, events, and exhibits to keep you entertained. Sefton Park is a sprawling public park where you'll find many locals taking their lunch at and even barbecue if the weather is good! Finally, Crosby Beach will give you all your sea air needs, with around 2.5 miles of coast for you to explore.


Retail therapy


If a little time away for you means a little indulgence in shops, then Liverpool One has you covered. With floors and floors of shops, places to eat, and entertainment, you could easily spend a full day here. Your bank balance might not thank you but that's what a breakaway is all about!


There is so much to see and do in Liverpool. Where are you starting?