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Best newspapers to help you learn Portuguese

Newspapers are one of the best sources of realia when learning a language. You get the most up to date news that you've probably heard about already in your own language so you'll get the gist even if you don't know all the words. The language is up to date instead of like the language you might find in an old dusty textbook. And you can choose whatever sections of the paper you are interested in most to help you with your studies. So whether you're interested in politics, fashion, international news, or just the sports section, a newspaper in your target language will really help you improve. Don't believe us? Here are some great newspapers written in Portuguese that we know will help you learn!


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Correio da Manhã

Correio da Manhã is a daily newspaper with its headquarters in Lisbon, and is the most widely read newspaper throughout Portugal. Its online version is beautifully laid out and easy to navigate, with pictures accompanying each of the articles to guide you to whatever has piqued your interest. You can also expect the typical sections you'll find in most newspapers: desporto (sport), opinião (opinion), sociedade (society), and so on. 


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To give you a real glimpse at Portuguese news, look for articles about events specific to Portugal. This will give you an idea of things like colloquialisms and expressions, as well as a feel for what is big in Portuguese news at the moment. And in turn, learning these new words and expressions might help you navigate better if you then want to take your learning further by exploring social media, or even to have a subject to discuss in a language exchange. This article on Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto is a perfect example; the most current of language coupled with the potential scandal about some big names, like ESCOM and Vistos Gold.

What else does the Correio da Manhã have to offer? We like the boa vida (good life) section; here you will find great, easy articles about cuisine, restaurant reviews, recipes, and even holiday ideas. We also like the exclusivos (exclusives) section; you can find this under its own heading or towards the bottom of the landing page. These stories are in depth, with lots of images to take you away from the text if you need a break. Try this one on human trafficking in the Algarve to get an idea for how they read. Overall, Correio da Manhã is a great newspaper for those wanting realia in European Portuguese. 


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O Globo

Learning Brazilian Portuguese instead? Then O Globo might be the newspaper for you. With its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, and 94 years of experience in publishing, O Globo rightfully earns its prominence as one of the most popular newspapers in Brazil. So what does it have to offer? When you first reach the landing page, unlike other newspapers O Globo draws your attention to its most prominent editorial pieces placing emphasis on its journalists rather than the headlines. This is good if you find a journalist whose style of writing you enjoy most in the paper, and for if you want to read potentially conflicting views. As an example, compare Lauro Jardim and Ascânio Seleme speaking about President Bolsonaro.

Headlines and other topics of the day are beneath this section, with header images and headlines to draw you in. You have to click on the menu button to the left of the O Globo title or scroll all the way down to find the other sections available. You will find things like mundo (world news), cultura (culture), and technologia (technology) amongst others here. Viagem (trips) is great if you want to read about holiday destinations as an easy way to start your Portuguese learning with newspapers; try this article on African safaris to see what the style is like. Finally, if you're not quite ready to read a full article yet, head to the fotos (photos) section. As you would guess, this section captures all the latest images from news around the world and is a great way to start your learning, in bite-sized chunks. Take this photo and headline about the coronavirus as an example; before you know it you'll be flicking through all the pictures and understanding every word!


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