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Cockney Slang Rhymes: A Beginner’s Guide

Cockney, a term originally used to refer to those born within the sound of Bow Bells in East London, has come to represent a unique dialect and culture known for its creative use of language. Cockney speakers are known for their playful and inventive way of communicating, often using rhyming slang to replace common words with colourful and sometimes cheeky expressions. In this beginner's guide, we'll explore a fun and fascinating aspect of the East London dialect: Cockney slang rhymes.

In this blog, you will find a beginner’s guide to Cockney rhyming metaphors from A-Z.

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1.  Apples and pears (stairs)

"I'm heading up the apples to get some rest."

2.  Army and navy (gravy)

"Pass the army, would ya? I need some for my potatoes."

3.  Bacon and eggs (legs)

"I've been on my bacon all day, I could use a break."

4.  Barnet fair (hair)

"I need to get my barnet sorted before the party."

5.  Boat race (face)

"He's got a handsome boat race, hasn't he?"

6.  Bread and honey (money)

"I'm a bit short on bread at the moment."

7.  Bubble bath (laugh)

"That joke you told was a real bubble bath!"

8.  Butcher's hook (look)

"Take a butcher's hook at this, it's amazing!"

9.  Custard and jelly (belly)

"I've had too much custard and jelly, I need to hit the gym."

10.  Dog and bone (phone)

"Hold on, let me grab my dog and bone."

11.  Frog and toad (road)

"I'm taking the car out for a spin on the frog and toad."

12.  Hampstead Heath (teeth)

"She's got a dazzling smile with perfect Hampstead Heath."

13.  Jack Jones (alone)

"I'm flying solo today, just Jack Jones."

14.  Loaf of bread (head)

"Use your loaf, mate, it's not that difficult."

15.  Mince pies (eyes)

"She's got beautiful mince pies, they're so expressive."

16.  Plates of meat (feet)

“My plates of meat are killing me after that long walk."

17.  Rabbit and pork (talk)

"Stop rabbiting and porking and get to the point."

18.  Ruby Murray (curry)

"I'm craving a spicy Ruby Murray for dinner tonight."

19.  Trouble and strife (wife)

"The trouble and strife wants me to pick up some milk."

20.  Vera Lynn (gin)

"Fancy a glass of Vera Lynn to unwind?"

21.  Weep and wail (a tale)

"Let me tell you a weep and wail about my date last night."

22.  Yet to be (free)

"It's time to break yet to be and enjoy the day!"

Cockney slang rhymes are a unique and playful form of language that reflects the creativity and humour of the East End culture. With its inventive substitutions and clever wordplay, it's a fascinating aspect of the Cockney dialect that continues to captivate language enthusiasts and locals alike.

So next time you find yourself in East London or chatting with a Cockney speaker, keep an ear out for these colourful expressions --you'll be speaking like a true Cockney in no time!

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