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Could You Handle a Social Event in a Second Language? (Part I)

Popping down to the shops to buy some bread and milk is a huge challenge when you are in a country where they speak a language you are learning. However, after a while you won’t  have to go home with eggs and shoe polish instead and will be able to order what you actually want and get the shop assistants to understand you. However, what about when you need to move up to a different language level and go to a social event? You won’t want to get by in one of these occasions with just pointing and mumbling staccato phrases, will you?

The Wedding Congratulations

When you go a wedding you will probably bump into the bride and groom at some point. This is just a simple fact of life. If you can’t speak their language very well what will you do? You could give them a thumbs up sign and smile but wouldn’t it be better to be able to wish them good luck in their married life or say whatever phrase you would use in your native tongue? If you have a wedding invite for Spain or Latin America then you will want to learn how to give your best wishes in Spanish. When you learn Spanish London is a great place to practise. You might also want to watch a dubbed version of Four Weddings and Funeral.