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Do I Really Want a Rubber Stamp? (Part II)

A Sore Head?

Why are there so many farmacias in South America? More to the point, why can’t I find one open when I have a headache? At first listening to new words all day on my Spanish classes I often ended up feeling as though I had gone a few rounds getting pummelled by Roberto Duran’s manos de piedra. I would still wander around the streets, soaking up the sights and sounds of a foreign culture but always with a slight pounding in my head. All of those farmacia signs which I had seen earlier in the day seemed to miraculously have disappeared though. It seems as though a lot of people go straight to the chemist without seeing a doctor first, which is why there are so many of them apparently.

Trophy Shops

I grew up in a reasonable sized town in the UK. When I was a kid who had never even heard of empanadas or dulce de leche the population was about 80,000. How many trophy making / engraving shops were there? 1, I think. I now live in a South American city of roughly the same size and I am hopelessly addicted to empanadas and dulce de leche. How many trophy shops are there here? Loads. No one has given me a trophy yet for anything but it must only be a question of time.