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Do You Need to Be a Superhero to Learn a Foreign Language? (Part II)

A Memory Like a Computer Not Required

When you look for the first time at a dictionary of the language you want to learn you could be forgiven for letting out a small sigh. When I started to learn Spanish I would randomly flick through my dictionary and find word after word which meant absolutely nothing to me. This can be really disheartening and you might feel as though you need the kind of superhuman memory in which you could register every new word you come across. Thankfully, my puny human mind turned out to be enough to keep on remembering new words. For their French lessons London students don’t need to worry about not having a computer for a brain.

You Don’t Need to Fly Like a Jet Plane

I used to love watching Superman soar through the heavens. It would certainly be a huge benefit to be able to do this when learning a new language, wouldn’t it be? Whenever you wanted to practise or learn some new words you could just put on your cape and leap off your balcony before flying to a country where the tongue is spoken. This would be a great way of getting around but it isn’t really necessary these days. To make the most of their Chinese lessons London mortals can get a native speaking teacher and use a host of other ideas and resources to learn without their feet leaving the ground.