Don’t Be a Baby about Your Foreign Verbs (Part I)

Don%2527t%2BCry%2BBaby%2B%252810%2529.jpgWhen you learn a foreign language the verbs are likely to be among the trickiest parts of the process. It is only when you start to study a second language that you realise that you need to start off by speaking like a baby all over again. However, there are some baby type mistakes you should to avoid.

No Conjugation

Using the base for of verbs all the time is what used to be called speaking like an Indian, although in these politically correct times it might now be known as speaking like a Native American for all I know. If English is your first language then you might not realise how bad using the base form of verbs all the time sounds, because in English they don’t change so much from one situation to another. In the likes of the Romance languages there are lots of different conjugations and most dictionaries have a long and confusing table at the end of them. This could be one of the most challenging parts of Italian lessons London students face but if they want to talk like a grown up then they need to meet the challenge.