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Don’t Study Spanish Abroad Without This (part II)

Your Favourite Snacks

After taking Spanish lessons and then working in the rainforest for a while a few of the group started getting delirious about their favourite snacks from back home. We had only been out of the UK for about three months but people were already going all misty eyed taking about sliced bread, bacon and even crème eggs. If you have a favourite snack you can fit into your rucksack and which won’t decompose in the journey than you might want to take it along with you on your travels. You might be surprised at how quickly you start to feel some cravings for things you don’t have to hand though.

Some Books

Living abroad for a while sounds like a hoot, doesn’t it? You get to see new cities, learn Spanish, eat new food and forget about the boring routine of going to work every day. However, the days are awfully long when you are free and easy, so taking some books with you is essential. You will find English language book exchanges in hostels so you don’t need to get stressed about the ones you take with you. The great thing about these book exchanges is that you end up reading books you would never had touched back home. In one exchange my only option was an autobiography of Willie Nelson, and it turns out that he is a pretty cool guy after all. You could even pick up the cheapest books you can find back home, as you will be leaving them somewhere on your travels anyway.