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Top 5 French YouTubers to Improve Your Listening Skills & Have a Blast in 2021

Tired of learning French with old textbooks? Then it might be time to try something a bit more exciting.

Learning French with YouTubers is a great way to boost your listening skills and to learn informal words and expressions while having lots of fun.

You’re not fluent in French yet? Don’t worry. In most cases, French YouTubers offer content with French and English subtitles.

And do you know what the best thing is? No matter what you’re into (humour, tutorials, travelling, food), there are French YouTubers for everyone, just like there are TV shows or movie channels for everyone!


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Squeezie is one of the most famous French YouTubers in the world. With over 16 million subscribers and almost 8 billion views, this francophone gamer specialises in video game commentaries and vlogs, though he also posts videos about his life or reacts to viral content. Most of his videos have auto-generated French subtitles, which means that you can follow what he says even if you’re not an advanced learner.

If you want to check out Squeezie’s work but you’re not really into video games, you can check one of his latest videos in which he discusses children and family movies and shows that he finds scary.

Top 5 French YouTubers

Now that you’ve seen how relatable and fun French YouTubers can be, let’s see who you can follow depending on your likes and interests.

1. Le Fossoyeur de Films - Hilarious Movie Reviews - 792k Subscribers (as of August 2021)

As his name suggests, the Movie Gravedigger excavates deep to unearth forgotten and little-known films both for fun and for the sake of cinematographic history!

The man behind the screen is François Theurel, a 38-year-old critic born in Lyon. His 30-minute videos focus on film commentary and criticism, but what sets him apart from other reviewers is the way in which he makes fun of the worst movie clichés, plot holes and awful writing in both famous and not-so-famous films.

In one of his latest videos, he wonders: “While Sharknado-like flicks have gained a lot of popularity recently... What's the most epically crappy film ever made?”

2. Alice Esmeralda - The Healthy Lifestyler - 303k Subscribers (as of August 2021)

Alice Esmeralda is a great example of how you can both learn a language and improve different aspects of your life by following French YouTubers.

This French social media star is considered one of the most popular influencers in France. Her Youtube and Instagram channels feature tips and ideas to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as meal plans and vegan replacements to popular meat-based dishes.

In the video below, for example, she offers a full meal plan with recipes, costs and time management tips.

3. Scilabus - Les Youtubeurs Scientifiques - 329k Subscribers (as of August 2021)

Have you ever wondered how wearing heavy jewellery affects your body posture? Do you know why cats purr when you touch them on their favourite spot?

If you want to know the answers to these and many other questions, follow Scilabus.

Scilabus is a science channel for curious people whose aim is to talk about interesting issues in simple language that everyone will understand. Yes, even beginner learners, as the videos come with both French and English subtitles.

In this video, for example, Fred and Jamy explain how right or wrong Mums really are when they warn their children not to wear black clothes when the weather is hot.

4. Nota Bene - A Pillar of Historical Popularisation - 117k Subscribers (as of August 2021)

How historically accurate is Game of Thrones? What are the biggest military disasters of all time? And the biggest archaeological frauds?

Nota Bene is a French YouTuber who loves answering questions like the ones above.

With top-notch visuals, great editing skills, and topics that range from Norse Mythology to Wonder Woman, Nota Bene is one of those French YouTubers that you will obsessively start recommending to all your friends as soon as you’ve watched the first video.

Are you in the mood for some dirty tricks, intricate conspiracies and attempts of murder gone wrong? In the video below, Nota Bene delves into the most unbelievable plots of all time, in a historical journey that will take you from Egypt to the United States and beyond.

5. Les Franglaises - Anglophone Music Made French - 11.2k Subscribers (as of August 2021)

Do you like learning languages through music?

Then you won’t want to miss Les Franglaises.

This channel belongs to a theatre company that pays tribute to the most iconic American and British pop hits of all time by translating them into French (to sometimes hilarious effect) and adding some very original dance moves.

The funny thing about Les Franglaises is that, although it’s supposed to be a parody channel, their outrageous covers often sound better than the original versions!

You don’t believe us? Then check their cover of “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys.

Why Learn French With Youtubers in 2021?

Learning French with French YouTubers is great for a number of reasons.

  1. YouTubers use unscripted, real-life language.
  2. By watching their videos, you get to learn a lot of different things, not only French.
  3. Most French YouTubers use informal expressions and idioms that you wouldn’t find in traditional textbooks.
  4. Great YouTubers use sound, visuals and editing tools so expertly that their videos are absolutely memorable.

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