How Technology Can Help You Hone Your Languages Skills (Part I)

When you are studying a new language there are a number of things which can help you learn it more effectively. One area which you perhaps haven’t thought about yet is that of modern technology. I have to admit that I like to learn the old fashioned way but if you are more cutting edge than I am you might like to consider these ideas.

Get an App

I asked a friend the other day if my phone could be classed as a smartphone and he just laughed. Well, it does have a game on it where you need to help a little miner jump around in a manner reminiscent of the Spectrum 48k games of my childhood. Anyway, if you own a real smartphone then you could look for an app (as I believe they are called by the cool kids) to help you learn. You could get a dictionary, a straightforward language guide, a translation service or even one which gives you the chance to play the kind of language game which puts my retro one in the shade. As well as their Italian lessons London residents can also now use their phones to learn this magical language.