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How to Cope with the Tough Times When Learning a Language (Part II)

Try a Different Approach

It might be that the difficult days you are experiencing can be a sign that it is time to do things differently. For example, are you trying to learn too much on your own with a book instead of getting out and practising more? As far as I am concerned the more variety you can fit into your studies the better. If you want to see how you can enjoy conversations with a native speaking teacher at home then click here and diversify your studies a little. A change to your way of studying can bring back your initial enthusiasm and let you see how far you have progressed.

Take a Break

If all else fails I find that taking a complete break from my studies is a good idea. There is only so much grammar and new vocabulary that a human brain can absorb in a certain period of time. You might think that if you leave your books alone for a week or so you will forget a lot but it will probably work out to be a better approach in the long run. You aren’t likely to forget as much as you think and will come back refreshed and ready to go. If you want a training program which matches your needs and preferred pace then Listen & Learn will make sure that you get this and don’t feel overwhelmed with all of the new knowledge you gain.