How to Use a Second Language to Make the Most of a Trip Abroad (Part I)

When you learn a foreign language you are sure to be excited about the thought of going abroad and practising it for real. This can be a daunting thought but once you travel to a country where it is spoken you will quickly realise how many exciting things you can do. Here are a few of those which I would most like to do and which I hope get you interested as well.

Learn Recipes in Italy

Not many people come home from Italy unhappy with the food they were served, although I have to confess that I chose my meals remarkably badly when I went to Rome for a few days and came home hungry. Even my Mum – who is the only person in the world who doesn’t like pasta – said that she would like to learn some Italian recipes if she ever goes on holiday there. Well, during their Italian lessons London students can go online and find out how to make the kind of food which might even convert my old Mum to pasta at last.