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I Wear It Well (part II)

A Football Top

I don’t normally wear football tops but I was really struggling with the heat when I first got here. Even the lightest t-t-shirts seemed to weight me down and I could feel the steam rising off my back as I tried to walk casually around town. Then I realised that a lot of the locals wore football tops and decided to do the same. It was great fun looking at them in the shops and I ended up with one from Vasco Da Gama, one from Boca Juniors and my favourite from Oriente Petrolero which has a little oil well on the badge. These solved my problem and I could enjoy my Spanish lessons and tourist trips without feeling as though I was in a sauna.

A Chulo

This kind of fits in with the poncho but turned out be a lot more useful. After my Spanish classes in Ecuador I went to Peru to walk the Inca Trail and decided to buy one of these woolly hats with long ear flaps. It was blooming freezing at night and this traditional Andean hat kept me nice and warm. Imagine my surprise when I went back to the UK and discovered that they had become popular in my absence. Now I was suddenly cool and had warm ears at the same time, which was a first on both counts.