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Learn the Language and Learn the Fashion (Part I)

facekini3-reuters_crop.jpgWhen you first start learning a new language you learn about the culture behind it almost by default. At first it might seem like the kind of culture you could never find yourself comfortable with but over time it should start to make more sense to you. One way in which this might manifest itself is in the way you start enjoying the fashion trends which the new language puts you in touch with.

Facekini – China

Of course, if you are going to spend some time in China after learning the language then you will want to check out some of the beaches on the country’s long coastline. You'll need a facekini then, won’t you? Sorry, what? This is, quite simply, the equivalent of a bikini which you put on your head. Think of them as being like ski masks for the beach and you are sort of on the right track. As you investigate why people wear these things you will learn something about Chinese culture as well, as some Chinese people suggest that avoiding a tanned face means looking wealthier and gaining more respect. While taking Chinese lessons London students can study the culture. This will help understand fashion trends such as this.