Learn the Language and Learn the Fashion (Part II)

m3-3.jpgPointed Elf Boots – Mexico

Your shoes say a lot about you when you are in a foreign country and it can make sense to buy a pair which helps you fit in with the locals. If you learn Spanish and go to Mexico then this could lead to you wearing an incredible pair of elf boots with long, curling toes on them. You will need a pretty impressive vocabulary if you are going to be able to explain exactly how long and curly you want your elf boots to be. If you study with Listen & Learn then you can ask your native speaking teacher to teach you how to get the perfect look which won’t make you look at all foolish.

Generally Looking Great – Italy

While there are fashion trends from across the world which we might find amusing (I am Scottish and everywhere I go people ask about those funny skirts we apparently all wear) there are also great trends. You might only notice after a while that the fashion ideas of the language you are learning have rubbed off on you. How many people learn Italian and then look great? It is impossible to learn a language and not have the culture around it affect your outlook on life, so you might as well embrace it and look good at the same time.